5 Steps To Hiring A Private Insurance Fraud Investigator


Each year, insurance fraud costs the United States economy tens of billions of dollars. It can range from anything from a falsely denied payout to deliberately lost paperwork and even to large, organized crime rings.

Insurance fraud is also far more common than most people believe it is. If you believe that you have been the victim of insurance fraud, then it may be time to hire a private investigator who can look into the matter for you.

Here are the top five steps to hiring a private insurance fraud investigator:

1. Only Hire An Investigator Who Is Licensed

In the vast majority of jurisdictions, it is a requirement that private investigators must be licensed. You would be wise to only hire a licensed investigator, because being licensed means that they likely have lots of experience, have passed a background check, and have been trained in their field.

2. Examine The Credentials Of The Investigator

While you should only consider investigators who are licensed, that doesn’t mean that you should hire any investigator who is licensed. You also need to look into credentials, as private investigators will only specialize in a specific field of investigation.

Specifically, who you want is an insurance fraud investigator, so make sure that the investigator you are looking into as a history or better yet an expertise in investigating insurance fraud.

3. Make Sure That The Investigator Works Out Of An Office

Don’t hire an investigator who only does business through e-mail, phone, or meeting at restaurants or coffee shops. An insurance fraud investigator who has an office not only shows they are professional, it also means that you can go see them in person at any time.

4. What Is The Investigator Like In Person?

Make it a rule to always meet the investigator in person before hiring. When meeting them, you want to make sure you get an overall positive vibe from them. Specifically, they should show a sense of decency, be trustworthy, and their first concern should be you rather than money.

5. Make Sure You Can Afford To Hire The Investigator

When meeting with your investigator, something that you will need to discuss is how much they charge. In fact, this should be one of the very first things that you discuss. Have the investigator provide you with an estimate and tell them your budget.

The good news here is that hiring a private insurance fraud investigator is not as expensive as you may think. In general, the cost of a private investigator to locate a specific person will be around seventy five dollars, and the cost of running background investigation will be less than five hundred.

Hiring A Private Insurance Fraud Investigator

Insurance fraud is a very serious matter and it’s important that you hire the best investigator you can to examine your particular issue for you. These are the five biggest steps that you should follow before officially hiring an insurance fraud investigator.

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