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7 Ways Wire Rope is Delivering Business ROI

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Back when the modern version of wire rope was first invented in 1834 by a German mining engineer called Wilhelm Albert, it was nothing more than a simple (yet effective) piece of twisted steel cable.

Through iterations and adaptations over the decades that have since passed, wire rope has become one of the most widely used pieces of lifting equipment on the planet. It almost doesn’t seem right to lump it in the “lifting equipment category”, as it finds so many uses aside from lifting that it almost deserves a category entirely of its own accord!

How has wire rope developed over the years? What uses has it found in the modern era? And how has it helped to deliver business ROI?

#1 Providing a firm lifting medium

One of the more obvious ways wire rope helps to deliver business ROI is that it is one of the strongest lifting mediums available. Its complex structure and strong internal core make it a highly reliable piece of equipment with extra-long service life.

Businesses always have to think about the cost and benefits of anything they purchase, and the number of operations that wire rope can help to complete means it delivers more than enough for its cost.

#2 Wire rope isolators

One of the industries that wire rope serves is the military space, which is used as a wire rope isolator. These isolators absorb shocks and vibrations, helping to protect whatever they are installed within from suffering from damage.

Typically, they are used in military tanks, aircraft and other vehicles as a safeguard against harsh and potentially dangerous environments. By keeping these vehicles, and those driving them, intact, wire rope certainly delivers ROI.

#3 Operating aircraft

Wire ropes are also used in another way in aircraft, where they form part of the internal structuring of the vehicle by connecting the levers and pedals in the cockpit. Not only is this used in military fighter jets, but also in commercial airlines too.

Some commercial airlines, such as British Airways, have annual revenue of over £1.1billion, and while wire rope makes up just a small part of these aircraft, they are vital to its success.

#4 Gym memberships

Gym membership numbers are in the millions and has seen an increase in the number of joiners in recent years. It’s a staple part of many people’s everyday routines, and if gyms collapsed, it’s safe to say the world probably would too!

Wire rope is the main lifting medium in almost all machines used in a gym, and with such a long service life, it helps keep those gym memberships high!

#5 Keeping your employees’ safe

Getting a good ROI doesn’t just necessarily have to involve financial costs, profit margins, and turnover. Wire rope, one of the most reliable pieces of lifting equipment on the market, is a safe bet to use when conducting any work where your employees are directly involved.

It will help to keep them secure, protected, and safe in the knowledge that there is no risk. Whether it’s from an external lifting job or to maybe even to lift themselves, wire rope can be heavily relied upon by both you and your workers.

#6 Maintaining buildings and drawing in tourists

Wire rope is commonly used in engineering as a means of providing permanent internal or external structural support. A common example would be for bridges such as the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, where wire rope is the essential piece that keeps the whole bridge together!

The Golden Gate Bridge has become an iconic tourist attraction and a defining part of the San Francisco landscape, and so what may once have just been a way of getting people from one side to the other has more than delivered ROI.

#7 Keeping all aspects of a business flowing smoothly

Wire rope often plays a part in many different aspects of a business, for example, in the production line in helping to keep it running smoothly to the storing and stocking of items in a warehouse.

Without this small yet highly effective piece of equipment, businesses would come to a complete standstill. By keeping a business running smoothly, profits will stay up, customers will stay happy, workers will stay motivated, and a company’s brand will continue to grow and expand. These positives more than help wire rope to deliver a strong ROI for businesses.

How else will we see wire rope deliver ROI?

With new technologies being created almost every day and businesses starting to look beyond what is just achievable on Earth, it’s exciting to think how else we may see wire rope deliver ROI for people and businesses in the future. Plus as you’ll need a quality standard, learn how to use it in your marketing to deliver more ROI.

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