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What A Home Office Needs To Be

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One in seven people works from home. That’s an extraordinary amount of people who are taking advantage of the different pace of work that telecommuting has to offer. But a lot of people don’t have a proper home office. They don’t take the time to prepare their workspace which can have a real effect on the work done there. This is what your home office should be.


Working at home sounds like a dream come true until you discover some of the unique challenges it provides. For one, you need to look at your personal space as a professional space. As well as setting yourself up with cork bulletin boards and time management software to help you keep track of your workload, you need to think about the risk of distraction from outside the environment. It’s crucial you talk to your family about the importance no disturbances in the office during work hours, for instance.


If you’re working full-time in your home office, then those hours might be long. Long hours in environments unsuited to it aren’t just uncomfortable, they’re dangerous to your health. For one, ergonomic furniture such as back supporting, adjustable chairs are an investment worth making like the favorite on Office Chairs Only. Proper support for your back and your arms can help you fight the risk of repetitive strain injury that exists in every office, home or otherwise. Tables set at the right height to keep you on eye level with the top of the screen are just as important to stop you from craning your neck as you use your computer.


Protecting your network and devices should be common practice in any household. When you’re dealing with important work details such as finances and customer information, however, a breach can be potentially disastrous for the whole company. Free security software isn’t enough. You need a comprehensive anti-malware package.


You don’t want to be distracted during work but that doesn’t mean that the environment should be so dull it sends you into a stupor. You need a work environment that keeps you engaged. Personalizing the office with your own taste, ensuring you get a good mix of natural and office lighting, and adding a houseplant to the office can all make it a bit more of a lively atmosphere. Keeping engaged is vital to ensuring good levels of production.


If you have any technical issues that get in the way of your work, you need to look at how you go about fixing them right away. If you have an older computer that keeps getting in the way of work, it might be time to think about investing in an upgrade if you can’t improve its performance. Similarly, you need to look at anything that might be affecting your bandwidth like others using the internet in the house, unauthorized data leeching and whether you might need to boost your signal strength.

If you don’t want working at home to be full of distraction, stress, backache and more, then you should keep in mind the tips above. Many of those who think they aren’t suited for work at some simply haven’t tried it with a proper home office.

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