How to Use Webinars Effectively to Recruit Employees

employeesTechnology has impacted all parts of our lives, including business, and recruiting needs to be at the cutting edge of new trends and developments. Long gone are the days of putting an advert for new staff in the local paper. If you mentioned that concept to most prospective candidates these days, they probably would not even know what you are talking about.

Technology Is Driving Recruitment

The highly competitive recruitment industry, as well as job seekers, has embraced the internet and social media in particular. Approximately 30% of all Google searches are job related and over 70% of Millennials found their last job online.

While most recruitment agencies and many companies are aware of, and using the power of third party job sites and platforms such as LinkedIn, a growing trend is to use webinars to reach and engage highly targeted potential employees.

Using Webinars to Recruit Candidates

If you are not familiar webinars, they are a platform where you can offer live, online presentations or virtual seminars. You conduct the presentation using live video and incorporate images, slides and charts.

As job seekers become more demanding and want to know more about prospective employers before considering them, webinars provide the perfect platform to showcase their company and target a large pool of prospective employees. The whole concept of attracting and engaging top talent has changed in recent years. This is particularly evident with the millennial generation which will soon make up 50% of the active work force. Job seekers wish to understand a company culture, management style and policies. They want to know that they will be a good fit in the organisation and demand a work-life balance.

As they grew up with technology and make use of it constantly for communication and research, a webinar is a perfect avenue to reach them. They will also be more likely to respond to new approaches and thinking, so webinars could give you the edge there. You would need to involve key players in your company and put a slick presentation together if you want to attract the top candidates. They are also more likely to want to talk to company leadership than recruiters or agency staff. This allows you to do that without consuming too much of your managements valuable time. It is a win-win. Don’t forget to record your webinar for reference, training or to edit and use again.

Define Your Target Market

The first step is to gather as much information about your ideal target market as possible. Know what sort of age, experience, skills, and qualifications you are looking for. Also, take geographical factors into consideration.

Position the Approach

Once you have established that, it will give you a good idea of how to position your company and the post you are looking to fill as well as how to work the invite to attract the correct people. You will be able to present all relevant information to everyone on the webinar in a clear, concise fashion. Use visual aids to get specific information across.

Reach Out to Your Prospects

The great thing about webinars is you can reach a vast pool of relevant candidates very quickly. The technology is interactive and you can soon narrow the prospective people down. Then the relevant HR people can continue the process. This saves a vast amount of time for the company and the prospect will have had a chance to hear first-hand about the company and the position, cutting out a lot of repetition.

As you can see, there are a great many advantages to making use of new technology in your recruiting drive, particularly webinars. As technology evolves, which is happening faster and faster, companies need to keep up and adapt. This is critical in attracting the right people which is essential for future growth and success.

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