Become More Productive With These Slack Hacks

messagingThe fame of Slack skyrocketed in a matter of months. Suddenly, people, magazines, and tech blogs were spreading the word that this application has become the first choice as a communication tool for many companies including startups. It features an user-friendly interface, in which you can easily navigate, start group chats and enjoy the variety of integrated services.

People find Slack amazing even when they are using only the basic features, because they are not aware of the capabilities this software has. These are some of the best Slack hacks, and each one will make the experience even more memorable

How To Master Slack?

  1. Download the desktop application

You can access Slack through a dedicated desktop application or through every modern web browser. However, the app provides more sophisticated features and it’s generally faster and more reliable.

  1. Customize it

Type your name in, fill information about yourself, add a photo and make yourself recognizable. Digital communication continues to replace face-to-face communication and you must specialize in Facebook.

  1. Pick Channels

You have the opportunity to join each and every channel that you have interest in. Starring channels will be sent to the top and you can easily track them.

From Preferences > Advanced Options > Channel you can hide read messages and they will disappear until they become active again.

You can customize the alerts that will appear from each channel you are in. For example, you can receive notifications from your most important channel only when your name is mentioned.

  1. Notifications

Stop the annoying sound alerts and allow to be notified only when your username is mentioned or someone wrote your highlighted word.

The admin of the team can set off hours, which means that you can finally take a rest and go to that lovely restaurant with your family, for which you didn’t have time.

  1. Search

You must take the most of the search bar due to the fact that it can deliver amazing information if you know what to type. If you have forgotten something that you have suggested or mentioned before, then you can easily search for it!

  1. Mentions

There should be a specific office policy about the usage of Mentions. The photographer must be sure whether the mentioned wants to receive an alert at all. It’s important to answer these questions before sending a message – What time is it? Is this message relevant? After all, you don’t want to spam your friends and colleagues.

There are some of the best slack features you must master to specialize in Slack.

Use SlackBot As A Reminder

The SlackBot serves as a personal notebook, in which you can save important information such as notes & links. The information posted there is personal and it’s indexed so that you can find it seamlessly.

The bot serves also like a personal assistant because it has a “reminder” function. Reminders can be appointed in any channel with a simple command: /remind me in <time> to <message>

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