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How do I leave my day job? Don’t be a “Yes Man”

Feeling the excitement of actually building something that people wanted and were willing to pay we obliged. Our developers spent many hours adding in features that our clients wanted. However, overtime it dawned on us that many of the features we were adding could only be used by the requesting client.

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How do I leave my day job? Simplicity is the path to riches.

I brought a MAC years ago because I was absolutely frustrated with Microsoft’s operating systems constantly crashing. MAC offered less features – less complexity and it just worked. But now Apple is going the way of MS and adding far too many features to their products thus slowing down a once fast OS and making […]

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How do I leave my day job? You need to diet

I have seen startups flush with loans buy $300 chairs for all their staff, the top of the line MACs, glossy business cards, office space in the top end of town – their budget office costs grossly exceeding what little revenue comes in.

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Two seriously BRILLIANT ways to get your first client

I have already mentioned these two brilliant ideas on how to secure your first client(s) in my post “How do I leave my day job? The Pre-flight Checklist” but I thought they should also be within their own post for people who have already left their day job but needed some ideas for attracting clients.

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