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Driving For A Living Or Side Hustle

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driving as a side hustle

People have changed their perception of driving for a living or side hustle. Thanks to technology, i.e., mobile apps, driver safety has improved, so women now feel they can also choose driving for a living.

Disruption in the taxi service sector now offers driver flexibility, especially with ride service operators Uber, Lyft, Juno, and more.

Plus, there is a driver shortage in most sectors, such as huge trucks and lorries.

Transport and logistics businesses need to improve working conditions and promote diversity to attract and retain people willing to be drivers.

The logistics sector plays a crucial role in the shipping and movement of goods. It’s an industry that’s growing, and with over 5 billion internet users, so many of them shopping online, transport and logistics firms are likely to be an excellent industry to be part of during a recession.

What types of driving jobs are there?

A career in driving, with a rewarding income and other perks or as a side, can be your reality. Let’s look at the types of driving jobs.

Transport driver

Being a transport driver offers a lot of variety, from passenger transport to goods delivery and ice road trucking.

You will need a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) to commence training, work experience, and driving history to determine which transport driving jobs are right for you.

Professional drivers are in high demand and benefit from competitive salaries and benefits. Research states that over-the-road and long-haul truck driving jobs pay the best. However, you must decide if being away from home for extended periods fits your lifestyle.

Ride-sharing driver

Registering with a ride-sharing agency might be a good solution if you want a part-time driving job.

Uber, Bolt, and Lyft are among the most popular agencies and offer several opportunities for drivers. It’s a great gig because it requires no special license, training, or experience.

Depending on how many hours you work, your profit differs. And remember to consider associated costs like gas, car maintenance, car payments, insurance, and self-employment taxes.

Taxi driver

You need to obtain a taxi license to transport passengers within your area. This job is similar to ride-sharing positions, but you drive a company car and usually work for an employer.

Pet taxi service

This is a gig few expected to reach the list of driving jobs, but it gained great popularity in big cities.

Package delivery

Seasoned package delivery drivers state that it’s lucrative because they profit greatly. Also, it doesn’t require a lot of qualifications (some companies ask for a commercial driver’s license). However, you need physical strength to deliver heavy packages to the clients’ doors.

Delivery driver

A delivery driver job is lucrative only if you work for a big company; however, don’t expect to earn a lot if you drive around town delivering food.

Bus driver

Bus driver jobs might not be the coolest gigs in town, but they’re not easy to obtain because they require unique certification and training. You’re responsible for many passengers, so the employer must ensure you have the correct aptitudes.

What are the highest-paying driving jobs?

Delivery service or light truck driver

Your job is to deliver packages to homes and businesses. To work for a delivery service, you need a high school diploma, a driver’s license, and a clean driving record. Depending on your area, sector, and employer, you can enjoy a high salary as a messenger or courier.

Private chauffeur

Your job is to drive your clients to various places. Depending on what position you apply for, you can have different clients or just one. As expected, you can earn a lot when you offer exclusive services.

Ice road truck driver

It’s one of the most dangerous driving jobs in the sector and, therefore, one of the most well-paid. However, it’s not for you if you’re faint of heart because it takes excellent skills and courage to clean the roads in the worst weather conditions.

Bus driver

Bus drivers are responsible for the passengers’ safety whether they drive around town, between cities, or cross state lines. Therefore, they have some of the highest salaries in the sector.

Other high-paying driving jobs are oversized truck driver, auto haul driver, hazmat haul driver, tanker haul driver, and trucking school instructor.

Freelancing taxi driver

What are the benefits of being a freelance taxi driver?

As a freelance taxi driver, you run your own business and have several benefits. Being an Uber or taxi driver offers flexible work hours; therefore, you can set your program accordingly if you have other commitments.

You’re your own boss, so you are directly responsible for how much you earn and the changes you want to make to your services. And let’s remember that it’s relatively easy to start compared to other jobs because you only need a driving license and access to a vehicle to become a ride-sharing driver.

What are the threats to driving jobs?

Professional drivers risk losing their jobs because the industry is going through a revolution promising to transform it. However, it can be bad news for drivers who could lose their jobs to autonomous driving technology.

Currently, the sector is facing a shortage of commercial drivers because people are worried they might be replaced in a couple of years, so they choose other career paths.

Given the job’s specifics, drivers are also predisposed to other health issues like traffic road accidents or diseases caused by lack of physical activity. If you experience a road accident and suffer whiplash in the UK, you can claim compensation, suppose the other driver is at fault.

However, learn to be a proactive driver and prevent road accidents because the final responsibility of maintaining your health lies with you.

Also, try to be more active during your free time, exercise thrice a week, and eat healthily when on the job. Staying healthy is essential on a personal level and critical to retaining your career because you won’t be able to hit the road if you feel unwell.

Most people are unaware that professional drivers are well compensated for their efforts. You can earn an excellent living if you choose a career path that matches your skills and aptitudes.