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Best Business Blogs And Reference Sites For Bloggers And Marketers 2022

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Bloggers and marketers are always seeking quality business topics content to reference and share with their readers and followers.

However, companies with blogs, especially owners running small businesses often struggle to find sites that provide noncompetitive quality content for free.

You may be wondering if we’re the last one standing for accessible business blog content in 2022.

Thankfully, we’re not, and after many years online doing what you do – i.e., blog on business – it’s time to let you know which business blog sites we value. You can visit and use them as valuable reference sources for your blog content.

Before we get to some of the sources we use, let’s recap on creating readable and shareable content.

Business Blog Content

All businesses sometimes find writing blog content challenging, if not always definitely.

Working out what to write about or how to make your topic interesting can knock a blogger’s confidence, so they are less sure their content is worthwhile.

Here are a few copywriting tips you can use to overcome writer’s block or uneasiness to keep the inspiration and motivation coming every time you need to create a top business article.

Where To Start?

You’ll need a list of blog topics, and for each article or post, you’ll also need content topics.

Content Topics


Your business has knowledge and experience on many topics, so create a list.  Write down whatever comes to you, and then, later on, you can cull the topics that are not a good fit for your business and site.

For example – topics for a digital marketing service co.

Say your business provides digital marketing services, and your blog topics or categories will include various types of online marketing. Topics like email marketing, guest posting, video and mobile marketing, and more.

Plus, your blog posts can include peripheral topics that impact marketing strategies like:

  • Website design
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising

All businesses can provide blog content on their experiences with starting, operating, and growing a business.

In addition to writing on your products and services, write how customers can improve or get more value from you.

For example – peripheral topics for an accounting firm

You may be an Accountant. Blogging on reducing debt, budgeting, or investing adds value to your customers using your accounting services.

BusinessBlogs has a few articles on blog content, this one on why content matters so much today and how to inform, educate and engage readers.

Another article that will put you on the right path to success with your blogging is why content must be authentic and trustworthy.

Blog Post Format

How your blog content presents to your readers is a top priority too.

Your website must be mobile-friendly, and your blog posts present just as well on mobile devices as they do on desktop computers.


If your blog post format lacks the three main parts – introduction, main body, and summary readers can not scroll to grab the main points.

Did you know a well-written introduction and summary provide the gist of the article?

Also, in your article or blog post, use:

  • Subject headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  • Bullet points
  • Quotes
  • Images (copyright-free images work well. Use sites like Unsplash and Pexels)
  • Examples
  • Reference your sources – (Statista for statistics)

Business Blogs and Reference Sites

Let’s now look at some of the best business blogs and reference sites you can visit to read content, view their presentation so you can follow their lead, and use them as source references in your blog content.


Who doesn’t love Investopedia? We love how it presents facts, statistics, and information in layperson’s language. Definitely a top site to learn and use as a reference in your business blog content.

Harvard Business Review (HBR)

HBR has some free-to-view content, and it also uses a subscription model to access premium content behind a paywall.

A non-profit owned by Harvard University, HBR has 450 employees.  Its site includes leadership, organizational change, innovation, tech, hiring, and marketing.


HubSpot’s blog is a go-to for well-written blogs for all things marketing. For example, understanding keywords for SEO is a challenging topic, yet it’s covered well here.

Neil Patel

He’s probably the best marketer today. Neil Patel gives as good as he gets on his blog. He shares his wealth of knowledge on topics that interest marketers, bloggers, website developers, and entrepreneurs. For example, here is Neil’s list of source sites for you to use for your content research.


Forbes has a subscription service, so you can get their best content. Forbes is a business magazine similar to HBR but owned by a Hong Kong business (95%) and the Forbes family (5%).

For over 100 years, Forbes has been an authority on business topics, read and reference in your blog content.


Another valuable resource for marketers and bloggers navigating social media and broader digital marketing tactics.


Starting a business, tech and innovation are topics well covered on the blog for entrepreneurs. From the blockchain revolution and the metaverse to growing a business on Amazon or the future of apps,

Entrepreneur is almost a one-stop site for such content. Bloggers and marketers looking for inspiration, quality content, and a blog on entrepreneurship will be happy with Entrepreneur.


A business news site – CNBC, has something for everyone. There are many videos to watch, and it’s a good source of news on markets, business, investing, and politics.


A business magazine that covers technology, business, and design. The website also has the latest news.


Discovering Backlinko has been an eye-opener for us. Brian Dean’s knowledge of SEO has put him into the class of very few marketing experts who know how to demystify the intricacies of SEO for site owners and marketers.

We’re working our way thru the SEO in 2022 post on Backlino and diligently applying the tips Brian shares to our site.

We’re confident our much-improved understanding of SEO including Goggle passages ranking, optimizing for featured snippets, and more will have a positive impact on our rankings.

Summing Up

Writing interesting and relevant blog posts has never been easier for businesses if you consider the online resources available, including top business blogs and social media sites.

The sites mentioned here are just a handful of the top sites globally.  Like many business blogs, we visit hundreds of sites every week, and they have quality business articles even if they don’t rank in the top 10!

With your blogging for business, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re aiming for unless you know the topics to use and how to format your blog post.

Remember, your challenges in reaching its target audience with authentic online content are the same as all businesses.

With our site, we want you to access and reference our business blog content and have confidence that whatever your write will be informative and shareable.