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How To Work With Instagram Influencers

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using micro influencers

Getting your products to trend on social media may require more marketing than you can provide alone.

Many small and big businesses bank on the services of social media influencers to drive their marketing campaigns.

If you want to drive your business presence on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc., in 2023, working with mega or micro-influencers is a must. That’s why in this article, we’ll look at how your business can work with Instagram influencers.

Before Working with an Instagram Influencer

Influencers on Instagram have followers that love to engage with them, and it doesn’t take much to get the desired feedback to posts.

An influencer’s engagement rate

Businesses can spot a performing influencer through their engagement rate. A higher engagement rate means followers can trust the word of their preferred personality.

An ideal Instagram influencer should have an engagement rate of at least 3%, and here is how the engagement rate can be calculated:

IG Engage

An influencer’s insights page will provide more information, as IG likes are becoming harder to spot in some countries.

An influencer’s base

Instagram influencers can be popular across niches or in a particular target area. The influencer that will best suit your marketing effort should share some enthusiasm about your niche. For example, your influencer cannot be a popular 400-pound gamer/couch potato if you sell fitness products.

In a nutshell, your preferred influencer should represent your brand so marketing your products or services is natural.

Also, consider:

  • The geographical spread of your preferred influencer
  • Age breakdown of influencer’s followers
  • Languages spoken
  • Demographics
  • Income of followers, etc.

An influencer can provide all this information, making your search for a marketing boost less challenging.

Influencer Types – Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano

Instagram has four main kinds of influencers – mega, macro, micro, and nano-influencers. While big businesses and multinational companies gun for the services of mega and macro-influencers, small businesses cannot.

Micro and Nano

Small businesses can only rely on the services of micro and nano influencers to drive their brand awareness campaign.

Why are micro and nano-influencers best suited to small businesses? Well, it’s mostly about money. Big businesses may need to pay hundreds of thousands or even millions in dollars to secure the services of influencers.

Small businesses cannot afford that much to drive an Instagram influencer marketing campaign. However, small businesses may have no immediate need for the massive brand awareness many celebrity influencers offer.

Many small businesses based in one locale may have a particular crop of potential customers they have to reach. If such is the case, a micro or nano influencer could provide the right publicity with your business needs.

Brand Marketing Disclosures

In a similar form to Facebook, Instagram requires featured handles to disclose paid partnerships between parties. Any form of cash, gift, or free service must be stated by a content publisher (influencer) and you. So how do you select an influencer?

Choosing an Instagram Influencer

Is Instagram influencer marketing a real option for businesses? Yes and according to Statista, Instagram today is not only one the most popular platforms, it tops all with the most daily engagement. So let’s work through the steps to finding an influencer.

Create a shortlist of Influencers

Your Instagram influencer marketing campaign could take a hit if you choose the wrong influencer. Therefore your first step is to do your research and create a shortlist of influencers you can afford and resonate with your brand. Here are some questions you can use to find out if an Influencer is right for your business.

  • What is your niche, and what do you know about my business?
  • Show me samples of your previous work I need to work
  • What businesses and industries have you worked with?/li>

You’ll also need to know the number of devoted followers of your preferred influencer. Also, the rate of engagement in the Influencer’s audience.

Ensure your preferred influencer checks all the right boxes before moving onto the next step. Plus, avoid offering gigs to influencers that have massive bots as followers if you want to maximize your investment.

Make contact with your preferred influencer.

You may be wondering how to contact an influencer. If they have an email address on their profile page, use that, otherwise use the direct message (DM).

In your messages to prospective Influencers, remember to present your business professionally and provide interesting facts as they will be assessing it as much as you’re assessing them.

Leverage the creativity of your preferred influencer

While you know your business and products better than anyone – Influencer marketing is not your speciality. Therefore get the Influencer’s perspective on how to present your products to their audience. Be open and work through parts of the campaign that may misrepresent your offering.

Work out rewards and payments.

For the record, it’s essential to note that not all influencers accept free gifts or services instead of cash.

Most influencers will want to work out payments from the get-go before even agreeing to a pilot post.

Rates vary when it comes to influencers, and there’s a high chance of bigger influencers refusing free products altogether.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is not just presenting adverts or boosting posts. It has morphed into using high profile users with active followers in the thousands and millions. Money is the game’s name, and it has created hundreds of influencers willing to promote products and services for commercial enterprises.

There is a right way to go about selecting an Instagram influencer, and the information in this post should steer you on your way to a mutually beneficial marketing partnership with as many influencers as your business can afford.