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What Does an Office Manager Do? Run an Office

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Are you interested in becoming an office manager but are unsure of what the job description entails?

Office management can be a fantastic career. The role is always evolving mostly due to new technologies.

Plus as an office manager you’ll have many responsibilities and if this is not enough incentive for you a managerial role boosts your resume, allows you to be an integral part of the company and it’s well remunerated.

Did you know the role has a salary of around $79,458 a year?

There will never be a dull moment so if this all sounds appealing, read on to learn more about what office managers do!

What Office Managers Do

The specific job tasks and responsibilities will look a bit different depending on the type of company and industry. Yet, most office managers do have some of the same underlying duties.

An office manager is someone hired to oversee various aspects of an office or workplace. It is an administrative and management position.

Usually, the person in this position is in charge of the organization’s employees, or if the company is much larger, the staff management will be of other administrators and support staff.

Common Tasks

This role is so varied, and the career paths that could follow after that are impressive. For example, the office manager can be responsible for planning and holding team and workplace meetings and social events. As the project lead, tasks will be assigned to various admin staff and the office manager reviews progress through to the successful completion.

A career in project management could follow with additional education and training.

An office manager will also arrange meetings with people outside of the office. When employees travel, it’s usually the office manager handling the accommodation details.

With these skills and experience, you may wish a career move into the travel industry as a travel agent.

When you’re an office manager, it is crucial to know the company’s procedures and standards. The manager is accountable for staff compliance with company policies on key compliance requirements, for example, health and safety.

Also, the office manager may also double up as the HR manager, especially so if the company is a small business. In this scenario, you’ll be involved in staff hiring, disciplinary procedures, including firing and regular staff reviews.

A move into human resources could be your next career move with additional education.

Should the company receive a complaint or request from a client, the office manager might be the person who handles it, and if this motivates you, there are always roles in customer support and client account management for your next move.

If the office runs out of supplies, the manager will also order some more. At the same time, they often make sure the company remains within budget and might liaise with the financial department.

Maybe you’re good with numbers and see your future role in financial control or accounting!

An office manager might also consider flexible working strategies to complete tasks.

What Skills Does an Office Manager Need?

Due to the many hats an office manager must wear, it is crucial they can juggle many projects at once.

They need to know how to run an office, so they must have the highest organizational standards. Otherwise, the company could lose critical information or a project might not get done.

Because of their direct contact with both employees and clients, a willingness to listen and make smart adjustments serves this person well. Yet, an office manager also needs to uphold the standards of the company.

How Do You Become an Office Manager?

If this position intrigues you, you might be wondering how to become an office manager.

Most office manager positions require at least a high school degree or GED, but many also require some college experience. Previous management experience is also a plus for many companies.

Ready to Be an Office Manager?

If you think you’re ready to take the plunge and learn more about what it takes to be an office manager, check out the rest of our articles!

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