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How to Grow Social Media for Your Business on a Limited Budget

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Did your last social media marketing strategy burn a hole in your budget without the results?

Well, it happens to most of us, when we don’t know what we’re doing. Don’t let this last campaign scare you off from social media marketing. More than 70% of the U.S. population is still on social media!

Since you’re on a budget, planning your marketing campaign is essential. Remember you don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan, so don’t let this happen to again. With a well-thought-out strategy, there is no need to waste a dollar more or let any sales lead slip through the cracks.

There are so many positives for choosing social media marketing, including measurability and the one you’ll love the most – affordability. Therefore it does not make sense to exclude SMM (social media marketing) from your marketing strategy, even if you’ve burnt using it.

For newbies considering it, the account registration is free, and you can learn how to grow social media networks with the help of PPC. If you’re not familiar with pay-per-click, it’s an advertising model that’s hugely popular with do-it-yourself advertisers as well as agencies.

Did you know PPC delivers ‘conversion’ for every dollar spent?

This means you only pay when users engage with your ad or post in some way, whether it’s clicks, impressions, or follows.

So if you are ready to boost your social media conversions without the extra cost, keep reading this blog article for the latest budget-friendly strategies for social media marketers.

Be Authentic: Learn How to Grow Social Media Organically

Authenticity is key for organic social media growth. Your goal is to get more followers who engage with your brand and share it with their followers.

The first step to growing organic audiences is to target the right people. You want followers who are interested in your brand and content. Create an ideal user profile, just like you would for any other marketing campaign.

Strategically follow ideal followers who are likely to engage with your social media pages. Use a free or low-cost social media management app that lets you monitor and engage with followers and trending content in your niche. Management dashboards will help you stay relevant in your followers’ feeds.

Ask Questions on Social Media

Social media is all about connection and conversion. This point is especially true for Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most cost-effective social media marketing tools. One viral tweet can go a long way, and some of the most popular tweets are simple questions.

People love tweeting about their lives, favorite brands, and pet peeves. Take the opportunity to ask thought-provoking questions that inspire followers to engage. Even something as simple as a question about food can get unexpected traction on Twitter.

Leverage Your Free Analytics

Did you forget to check your analytics during your last social media marketing campaign? Now you have a second chance to get it right. Another advantage of social media is free analytics!

Most major social media networks come with built-in analytics. You can view your most popular posts, monthly growth, new followers, and more measurements right from your analytics page. Use these findings to improve your campaign and discover high-converting opportunities.

Analytics is essential for saving money on social media marketing. The key is to measure your campaign performance every step of the way.

Supercharge Your Social Media without the Cost

You don’t have to go over your marketing budget to make your mark on social media. Remember these tips as you discover how to grow social media marketing quickly and organically.

Refer to this guide as you build your cost-effective strategy. Check out the blog to find even more marketing resources that can help!