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Why Radio and Outdoor Advertising is a Good Mix

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Today, as we all know businesses use countless digital media for their advertisement. Each of these media offers different possibilities and characteristics for advertising campaigns and scales.

However, a study has shown that an outstanding 90% of the adult population in some countries still tunes into the radio and dedicates 20h listening hours each week.

Also, what we sometimes forget is the power of outdoor advertising such as billboards, transit, and retail advertising which has proven itself effective throughout the decades and like it or not is here to stay.

We live in an age of integration, and so in this article, we will discuss the combination of radio and outdoor advertisement and their power to raise awareness and grow engagement with your brand.


For an advertisement to be worthwhile, it needs to be cost-effective. Advertisements like billboards and other out-of-home displays, usually offer more for your money when it comes to the coverage they offer. For instance, drivers spend 10% of their time in congested traffic regularly. This is why outdoor advertisers position themselves along busy routes.

Drivers stuck in traffic often eye all the billboards, and so this brings a high volume of potential viewers of your ad.

Radio adverts costs range from $500 on a local station to more than a $10000 on a national one. The big advantage is that your ad will be heard frequently by drivers on their way and from work every day and also by people who spend a lot of time in their vehicle for product. Your job is to design a catchy advert that will stick to them.


Radio and visual advertisements offer lots of space for creativity. You are free to create catchy jingles or impressive monologues. Nevertheless, with billboards, you have a literally empty canvas. Therefore you have the freedom to create an advert of your own that will grab attention.

There are endless possibilities, from classic posters with striking graphics to new digital billboards with built-in animations and videos. Keep in mind help is always available from professional advertising firms. For example, Carrot and Stick share their tips on creating radio adverts in their blog. Remember, while you’re drumming up your creativity every so often, Ad Agencies dedicate their job to innovation and understanding the latest marketing trends, that’s why they’re better at it.


A crucial advantage of radio advertising is that the speed in which your advert can be put on the air. Once you record your jingle or speech, you can send it to the radio station, and it’s ready to go on air. Traditional and digital adverts take a lot more time to be designed before they can be displayed.

Target Your Audience

With radio and outdoor advertising, you will always have the ability to pinpoint your exact audience and target your sales approach exclusively to them. For example, you can find a radio station that feeds only a particular age group, and this will naturally give your marketing dollars real power.

Nevertheless, you will also have a guaranteed target audience with billboard advertising. Billboards are really hard to be ignored. Most people look around their surroundings when they are at stoplights, and their attention becomes more fixated if your design is creative and well thought through. Overall, billboards are really eye-catching and so people get focused on them because of their natural appeal.

Try to imagine a situation where someone is driving and listening to the radio and your commercial comes up and later on a billboard passes with your commercial. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Your advertisement immediately has a more potent and lasting effect on the driver.

Your Advertisement Will Stand Out

Believe it or not, the radio offers a fresh start for your advertising efforts. Newspapers and magazines provide only two-thirds of their space for adverts and TV can provide you with one-third of its airtime.

Radio offers 10 per hour to ads and listeners mostly tune in at work or while exercising or driving. This advertising method has proven itself great because people that are listening are away from home and ready to buy. Over the decades, radio has proven itself to be an excellent means for reaching engaged audiences in an accessible environment, regardless of the time and year.

However, billboards also offer a lot of flexibility with its wide range of styles you can choose from. Basically, you will be able to reach both outdoors and indoor environments of people. For example, apart from drivers, you will be able to get shoppers in the mall, or people that use public transportation such as busses and trains.

More Impact

The truth is, the more ads you get on the air, the more it will have an impact on your future customers. What radio offers is your voice to be heard over and over in a repeatable fashion.

With marketing, all businesses want to advertise more than one message. They are eager to share every positive aspect of their business, including testimonials, sales, and any available informative news. So, if your plan is to advertise several deals and messages, invest in digital billboards because you will be able to advertise two of your ads during the same time slot you were given.

Final Word

Over the years, companies have realized that combining radio and outdoor advertising was always more effective than just using one of them. It’s an extremely powerful way of reaching your audience because the most effective campaigns are always multidimensional.

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