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6 Home Office Essentials For An Organized, Productive Space

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Do you suddenly find yourself working from home? If so, you aren’t alone — major employers like Facebook are starting to transition to permanent work-from-home as a solution for their employees. Plus, workers forced to remote work during the lockdown are now appealing to their employers for it to continue for part of the week or full time.

There are some obvious perks to working from home: no commute time, schedule flexibility, and the ability to save money on gas and buying your lunch.

But working from home also comes with one big challenge: How do you stay organized, focused and productive when you’re working in the same place you sleep, read, watch TV, and relax with your family?

Here are a few home office essentials you’ll need to stay focused and organized — whether working from home is a temporary state or you’re in it for the long haul.

1. Your Computer: The King of All Home Office Essentials

If you do any type of office job, then you, of course, already own a computer. But how do you use your computer to stay organized and focused?

Is your desktop littered with every file you’ve opened recently? Do you have trouble finding different documents? Have you ever had to spend 10 minutes finding a relevant email while on a video call?

If so, you need to invest some time in organizing your computer.

2. A Desk and Office Chair

If you only work from home occasionally, then you might be able to make do with your kitchen table or even your couch or bed. But if working from home is part of your regular routine, then a proper desk and chair are non-negotiable home office essentials.

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Popular inexpensive furniture stores will ship their products to you, and after an afternoon of assembling, you’ll be all set up. Just remember that one of the most important steps in home office organization is to always keep your desk clutterless.

3. A Filing Cabinet

Are stacks of papers littering your desk? Just as you need to organize all your virtual documents on your computer, you should organize all the physical documents in your workspace using a filing cabinet.

4. Binders and Binder Dividers

If you deal with a lot of paperwork, organizing those papers by binder will add some ease to your daily routine. Binder dividers will be even more helpful when getting organized.

5. Garbage and Recycling

You don’t want to get up and walk to your kitchen every time you need to throw something away, as that will cause a distraction. Instead, invest in a garbage can and recycling bin for your home office.

6. A Safe and Paper Shredder

If you work with any sort of sensitive information — or documents you wouldn’t want to lose in a fire or other disaster—you might also want to purchase a safe.

A paper shredder will add an extra layer of security when disposing of sensitive documents you no longer need.

Get to Work!

Now that you’ve got the home office essentials you need, it’s time to get to work — and chances are, you’ll be amazed at your new productivity level. What’s more, you will have time to consider what else can be done to improve your life-work balance.

COVID-19 had caused uncertainty and change when we were least expecting it. Stress levels have gone up with the change in routines, and for many workers, there has also been the loss of work and income. Create your workspace at home and use it productively to carry out your work or secure a new role.

Want more tips on making the most of your business? Then, take some time to read the other articles on our blog—that is, after you’ve clocked out for the day.

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