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What To Look For In A Data Science Consultant

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Data science has become a significant talking point in this era of big data. Consisting of different tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles, data science’s primary aim is to unravel hidden patterns in raw data.

Data science can also be described as the use of scientific methods, statistics, mathematics. It has many benefits in business to examine data and handle it skillfully, and this brings us to the critical role data has in making the right decisions and proper observations so companies can take the appropriate actions.


Data, and how it is captured, analysed, and stored challenges staff members to adopt appropriate practices, so it’s essential to get valid data to get useful data out. Therefore to minimise data input errors and also relieve staff of the more mundane and monotonous tasks RPA, i.e. software robots are deployed.

Today Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) with it’s AI components fixes the limitations of RPAs, which without it must have explicit rules and code to work. Businesses, especially in the banking and finance sector, realise they need the accuracy so data science consultants can deliver computable, data-driven evidence to drive the business forward.

Big Data

Data science is essential when dealing with big data. Before data was arranged in smaller sizes and it was in a legible format. Big data is not, therefore, a data science consultant is the right person to have in your business too, or you can engage a third-party consultancy.

However you do it, what you’ll get is a specialist who can educate you on data structures and also effect change by sharpening your analytic abilities.

Plus in preventing fraud and addressing other related risks in your business, the data scientist will use their big data analytics expertise to identify and predict threats you are likely to face and by doing so ensure your data is safe.

How To Choose A Data Science Consultant

Here are a few areas to focus on when selecting the right person or team for the role.


Consider the tertiary qualifications of the application or professional that will be engaged in your business by a consultancy. A Masters degree is common, and nearly half of all data scientists will have a PhD and in the field of mathematics and statistics, computer science and social science.


Choose a consultant or firm that has been around for quite some time and has a proven work record. Their repertoire should include some coding skills, plus SQL database and Adobe Spark or Hadoop, machine learning and AI and data visualisation and unstructured data experience. Also get customer reviews on their soft skills like communication, teamwork and business acumen.

Service Rate

Data consultancy is a services business, ask for their fee schedule and compare it with their competitors’ rates. Remember you get what you pay for so don’t choose on price alone.

Implementation Method

Understanding the implementation methods data science consultants use helps you choose the right person or team too. Agile methodology is the best since it highlights the stages and processes that will ensure your venture keeps pace with time, and that you also stick within your budget.

Additional Services

You also need to consider other extra services offered by a specific data science consultant. Additional services provided after consultation are essential for ensuring your business is on the right track. Look for a consultant who will help in monitoring the latest data science updates to ensure your business is on the right path.


The exact location of a specific data science consultant matters a lot. Getting one that is situated far from your actual location may cause timing issues, especially when you are planning for meetings, and their work culture may also differ too much from yours.

Data Science Applications

Data science is applicable in various fields or sectors of our lives. They include:

Virtual Reality

Commonly referred to as VR, it is all about creating a simulated environment using computer technology. It gives you an experience similar to that of the real world or something different. Data, algorithms, and computing knowledge give you a different viewing experience in virtual reality.


We all love playing different games but never understand how they work or came into existence. Well, they are designed using machine learning algorithms. This is what makes it easy for these games to upgrading themselves when you advance to a higher stage or level. In motion gaming, it is easier for your opponent to trace your movements and adjust because of this technology.


The field of healthcare has significantly benefited from data science. Areas where it has proved essential include customer support, drug discovery, and genetic research. Conducting medical image analysis activities like detecting tumors is also possible due to the recent progress in machine learning. ML algorithms can be used to create specific medical devices.

Voice Recognition

There is a wide range of speech recognition technologies in use at the moment. Examples include Cortana, Google Alexa, and Apple Siri. Most voice recognition software use algorithms to turn the analog waves of your sound into digital data. This is done after sampling your sound to come up with words that can fit in a specific language before they are transcribed into text.


Not all data scientists have been created equal therefore, your business needs to know what it has, and what it needs to be accomplished before going out to the market for a data science expert.