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Startups Get Boost With A Blockchain PR Agency

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Hiring a PR agency as a startup is a not on every owner’s list of priorities and by adding it as a must-do is a controversial move.  There will be execs and advisors that believe your startup’s budget is better spent on other things than paid marketing and PR.

However, for more specialised services like a blockchain startup, working with a Crypto PR agency can make the difference from imminent failure to resounding success and therefore it’s a no-brainer and a good investment.

This article highlights six reasons to get on board with a specialist PR firm who understands your business and how to use marketing strategies that work specifically for your business is better than the scattergun approach.   Let’s first look at blockchain technology and why it’s getting a lot of attention.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Here are some informative articles on blockchain technology and where it is being used in business.  There are many benefits for using this ledger technology  including enhanced security, accountability as well as a way to back up data.   Understanding this specialised area of technology is why it pays to use a PR agency with knowledgable content writers and community networks to get your startup story in the public domain.

6 Reasons Your Startup Should Use A Specialised PR Agency

Help You Communicate Your Story

Telling the story behind a business helps it connect with its customers and audience on an emotional level. According to linkdex, your startup’s story can help you attract people who sympathize and share the same values with you.

Surprisingly, employees within the business often have difficulty communicating the story in a way that harnesses its potential, and this is where a good PR agency comes in. They can help tell your story in a compelling way, starting with how you got your blockchain technology idea for commercial services.

Publicity For The Company And The Founder

This relates closely to communicating the story of your brand. People respond more to businesses with a face than to faceless organizations. Having an image can help your startup generate trust and distinction with your audience. This is even more important because, with the tight regulations placed on the crypto industry as a whole, startups need to generate trust more than ever. You can think of iconic brands like Apple, Microsoft, and even Bitcoin. They all have a face or a name attached to them.

You Need Help Breaking Into The Industry

Running a startup is quite daunting because the statistics are stacked against you. Forbes has it that that nine out of ten startups fail, and the bulk of that is because they were unable to build traction with their target market. As a startup, working with a crypto PR agency will help you sidestep this gaping pitfall. PR agencies have connections and contacts that they’ve built over the years. You can ride on their coattails to break into the market. Furthermore, PR agencies have lots of experience introducing new businesses, and so, they understand the rules you should follow as a new venture.

PR agencies can write on your behalf

Content marketing is becoming one of the most important kinds of marketing in the world today. According to altimeter, 57% of marketers say that creating custom content is their priority. Crypto PR agencies can help you create content that matches your startup’s voice and your audience’s expectations. Even established businesses invest significant amounts in ensuring that their messages are tailored to suit specific needs. While your content won’t need to be as voluminous or elaborate as larger businesses, you should still hit the ground running with.

A PR firm will help you remain in the public eye

After breaking into the industry and generating traction with your target audience, your startup needs to remain visible to stay relevant. People get pummeled with lots of new information every day, and there’s only so much that the average user can remember. PR firms can help you generate media enquiries based on your features and current exploits, especially within your crypto community. With a good media plan, you can release news and updates at regular intervals, reassuring your followers that their favourite brand is still on top of its game. Your brand can also keep interactions going with your followers online.

Some PR is more affordable

Even though hiring a PR agency can be expensive, it is more affordable than advertising in the long run. If you consider that advertising agencies charge for the time of their professionals as well as the ad spaces you’re taking up, PR is a more inviting alternative. You only pay for the team’s time, and you get a significant amount of value from their input. Saving costs is a focus point with managing a startup and hiring a PR agency may be a way to do so.

The bottom line

Although we have discussed the reasons why you should hire a crypto PR agency, you should know that they can’t help you with everything. You shouldn’t hire one unless you have a clear goal, with an objective way to measure your results. Without these, working with a PR firm may be a waste of your time and money. However, with these in place, you can take your startup to new heights.