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Protecting Intellectual Property: When You Need a Patent Lawyer


Have you recently come up with an idea for a product you believe can be a success? Do you want to avoid any legal problems with the ownership of this idea?

If so, then we advise finding the services of a patent lawyer right away. This professional can help file the right patent for your idea and determine the best path to follow that will save you time and money.

With our knowledge of business, you can maintain ownership of your intellectual property before you present your product to investors.

This guide aims to tell you when you need a patent lawyer to protect your intellectual property.

1. Filing an Application

The first factor you need to consider when filing a patent is if your dream product can be patented. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is in charge of approving patents and requires them to be unique from anything that currently exists and have a use.

You have several application options under the patent litigation process, one of them being a regular application (RPA). There’s also a provisional application (PPA), which gives you a year to finalize.

2. Types of Applications

Before finding a lawyer, you’ll need to decide which paten fits your idea. If you use your hands or machines to make your product, then you need to file a utility patent.

Another option is a design patent, which is for items that you haven’t made yet and plan to license for someone else to produce. This can help save money in case you are in the beginning stages of forming your business.

3. Where to Find a Lawyer

If you’re wondering where to find a lawyer for your patent, the USPTO has a list of those that are licensed to practice. You can also find patent lawyers in your state in the American Bar Association’s (ABA) database.

Martindale-Hubbell also has lawyers available based on what products and fields they operate in. Those looking to save time in their search can look online at Upcounsel, Avvo, and similar websites.

4. Choosing the Right Lawyer

In order to find the right attorney, you must have certain patent lawyer requirements. Your lawyer should be able to determine if your product meets USPTO requirements and doesn’t duplicate existing patents so that you avoid legal issues.

If you’re new to patents and wondering to yourself “What is patent law?” your attorney should be able to answer that and help you understand patent analytics. He/she should also know how to prepare the necessary documents for your application, as well as help you re-file your application in case it is rejected.

5. Considering Costs

Among the costs that you’ll need to focus on is that for the application, which may depend on the patent prosecution and patent law in your area. The price of your lawyer may depend on how complex your patent is, such as how many parts the product uses or how much time and money it takes to put together.

Your lawyer may also have a higher price if they specialize in different fields or operate in larger cities. Whether the attorney gives you a flat rate or charges by the hour may also determine how much money you’ll have to spend.

Our Take on Hiring a Patent Lawyer

We recommend looking for a patent lawyer as soon as you come up with your idea. The right lawyer for you may depend on what kind of product you want to bring to life.

You’ll need a lawyer who can meet your budget so that you have money for other aspects of your business. The attorney also needs to inform you of the best ways to file an application.

With this guide, you can get approval for a product that can provide great financial success.

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