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5 Innovative Alternatives to a Traditional Office Layout

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In fashion, trends come and go. But when it comes to office trends, each step is toward a better work environment. And there’s no going back!

Yes, more than ever before employers are looking for ways to create a happier and more productive workspace for their employees.

So which type of workspace should you trade your traditional office for? Check out these 5 innovative ideas that will blow your mind!

1. New-Age Cubicles

In years gone by, cubicles featured the smallest office space possible and weren’t inspiring at all. Then came the trend of open-plan offices. While open-plan is better than windowless cubicles, co-working environments cause noise and distraction.

Time for the happy medium!

Now open-plan offices are becoming hybrid. A variety of rooms meet the variety of needs that modern office workers have—for example, common spaces, conference rooms, and soundproof cubicles.

2. Office on Wheels

In officing now, being static can hinder your business. That’s why some companies are opting for a mobile office. In an office trailer, you can work from virtually anywhere.

There are several more benefits of mobile offices too. For example, it’s easy to collaborate with others, and the start-up costs are low. It’s also much easier to concentrate than when you’re trying to work in a home environment.

3. The Coffice

For many workers, the 9-5 grind in an office is too much to bear. Most workers take a coffee break in their local Starbucks to refresh their minds. A combination of both environments is an even better option, right?

“Coffice’s” is part of coffee shops and part offices. Employees can continue their work while sipping a brew or munching on a cookie. It’s also an excellent location for staff meetings and chatting with clients.

4. Bring the Outdoors In

Another office type that’s breaking barriers is biophilic designs (or green offices). Why bring the outdoors in? According to studies, people who work in offices with natural features report 15% higher levels of well-being.

Plants are not only visually stimulating, but they also help to reduce stress and improve air quality. Some offices use plant dividers instead of traditional cubicles. While others, like Amazon, are creating biospheres with moss walls, hundreds of plants, and endangered species!

5. Home Sweet Home

Or home sweet office?

Another office trend that increases productivity is to create a homely environment. Instead of clinical, stale designs, architects are turning office interiors into warm and inviting spaces. Comfy sofas and office bars are ideal areas to unwind and chat with fellow employees.

You might think it’ll be inconducive to a productive work environment. But the relaxing trend allows employees to feel less stressed. This leads to increased productivity and happier employees.

Time to Mix up Your Traditional Office

As businesses evolve, you need to keep up. By trying one of these styles and updating your traditional office, give yourself a fresh outlook. You’ll never look back!

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