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Why You Need a Certified Enterprise Architect on Your Team

New technology is changing the way business is done around the world!

This is especially true over the past decade or so. Thus, if businesses do not learn to adapt to the rapid technological changes occurring today, they will be left in the dust.

To ensure that this does not happen, a new job position has opened up in the corporate and tech world. This position is called the certified enterprise architect.

What is an enterprise architect, you ask? Well, a certified enterprise architect is someone who can make a business strategy into concrete solutions that IT systems at a company can strategically support.

To show you the importance of the certified enterprise architect, we are explaining all the different services that one provides in the current business and tech world.

Get ready to become a business and tech connoisseur!

Why Having a Certified Enterprise Architect is So Vital Today

Prior to recent years, IT and business operated as separate entities in the workplace. Thus, the people in the IT department never inquired about the business model and goals of the companies they worked for.

Instead, the IT department at companies would blindly purchase hardware and software that would eventually connect with hundreds and thousands of business users. This, in turn, caused IT department projects to simultaneously waste money and not meet company business objectives.

To rectify these issues in current times, it is important to have certified enterprise architects working at your company. This is because, as stated earlier, certified enterprise architects can create a business strategy that IT systems can proactively follow and keep in mind while developing projects.

Digital Transformation

If you want your company to sustain success in current times, you need to have a digital strategy. A good digital strategy will lead to business problems being solved by digital technology. Having business problems turn into business solutions because of digital technology is called digital transformation.

To best develop digital transformation, companies should have a Digital Enterprise Architecture Map. A Digital Enterprise Architecture Map is a tool that allows people to trace enterprise architecture troubleshooting between the business and tech sectors of a company.

Enterprise architects, their maps, and their other digital tools should all be a part of the Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO). The Enterprise Architecture Office of a company provides input to the company’s Project Management Office. This helps keep the business and IT sectors of a company on the same page.

The Enterprise Architecture Office and the Project Management Office of a company communicating and sharing digital strategy will lead to digital transformation and company success.

The Glue That Holds Business and IT Together

Like previously stated, certified architects must troubleshoot business and tech issues through a Digital Enterprise Architecture Map. Once enterprise architects troubleshoot their issues, they must use their observation, creativity, and management skills to come up with further profit inducing ideas that help achieve the goals of both the business and IT team. What can we say, certified enterprise architects are truly the glue that holds business and IT together.


TOGAF stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. This necessary framework divides an enterprise architecture into four categories. These categories are business architecture, data architecture, application architecture, and technical architecture.

Business architecture is the process that businesses use to meet their goals. The application architecture category is about the design of specific applications and how they interact with one another.

The data architecture category is all about how a company organizes and has access to enterprise data stores. Finally, technical architecture is about the hardware and software that supports applications and their interactions.

TOGAF has developed such a vital enterprise architecture role that companies advise aspiring enterprise architects to receive their TOGAF certification.

The Future of Certified Enterprise Architects

Because technology will only become more and more advanced as time goes on, having a certified enterprise architect at a company will become more and more necessary.

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