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Why Hiring an Email Checker Will Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

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Are you happy with your email marketing results? I hope your answer is “yes,” but we know there’s always room for improvement. You could increase your open and click rates, and achieve more conversions. If that’s your goal, hiring an email checker will help you get there faster.

Read on to learn why your email hygiene is crucial to your email marketing metrics and how you can boost them without much effort.

What is an email checker?

If you’re into email marketing, the term must be familiar. An email checker – also known as an email validation or email verification system – is a piece of software that checks your email list for accuracy. It ensures that all the email addresses you’ve gathered are valid and active, thus allowing you to communicate with real people.

Why email hygiene is essential to your email marketing

The foundation of great email marketing is an accurate, up-to-date email list. If you don’t have that, you can’t expect any results. Imagine writing an important letter, only to send it to the wrong address and get a “return to sender” notice. Marketers who don’t take care of their email hygiene experience the same kind of frustration, i.e. they lose the ability to connect with prospects and, thus, they lose business.

In email marketing, things get even more complex. Sending emails to inaccurate email addresses will not only cause them to bounce. But also, it will prevent your genuine customers, with real email addresses, from receiving your emails.


Because a messy email list has an immediate impact on your sender score.

The more bad addresses you have in your list, the lower your score will be. In turn, this affects your email deliverability. Fortunately, by using an email checker, you’ll be far from encountering such obstacles. In fact, you’ll be able to take your email marketing to the next level – and fast.

What an email checker does

Ok, we established what an email checker is and why it’s essential to use one if you’re an email marketer. Or a business owner who uses email to communicate.

But what exactly does an email checker do? How does it get your list back in shape and help you market more efficiently?

Let’s take a look at some of the riskiest email addresses an email checker removes from your list:

  • misspelt, thus invalid, email addresses: have you ever written “gmial” instead of “Gmail”? Your subscribers do that all the time, and typos result in dead-end email addresses.
  • abuse emails: these belong to people who have a history of labelling emails as Spam. They affect your sender reputation, so it’s best to let an email checker weed them out.
  • catch-all emails: designed to capture all email sent to a certain domain, they have the potential to bounce and hurt your sender score. They’re some of the riskiest emails out there.
  • spam traps: they may be even riskier than catch-alls. They look like a legitimate email address, but their purpose is to attract – and block – spammers. You don’t need any spam traps in your list.
  • disposable emails: who wants a “lead” that will disappear in a matter of minutes? Allowing disposable (or temporary) addresses in your list will cause your bounce rate to increase.

How does removing all those bad email addresses help me?

Letting an email checker remove all these risky email addresses from your list is the first step to a better email marketing. Once your list is up-to-date, you’ll notice the benefits:

  • your sender score will go up, and inbox providers are going to like that about you.
  • as a result, they’ll start delivering your emails in your subscribers’ inboxes, not in their Spam folders.
  • here is your chance to connect with your audience in a real, meaningful way! Send valuable content and fine-tune your marketing strategies to increase your open and click rates.
  • focus on building a long-lasting relationship with the people on your list.
  • finally, see your conversions go up and gain an edge over your competition.

If you’re worried about the quality of your list, using an email checker is the safest and fastest way to restore it. How fast, you asked? Of course, it depends on the size of your list. Usually, it takes between a few minutes and a few hours to validate an email database. Considering the benefits it brings, the effort is worth it.

Do I need to download an email verification software?

Usually, you don’t – look for a system that doesn’t require a download, but allows you to upload your list and clean it on the platform. Also, search for services that provide reliable support in case you stumble. Some companies offer a free email checker, so you could try it out before you make any purchases.

Email verification shouldn’t be a hurdle. Instead, a process you go through a few times a year and, ideally, before every important campaign. In recent years, it’s become the best email marketing practice, so integrate it in your efforts for impressive email marketing results.

A former journalist, Corina Leslie is the PR & Marketing Manager for email validation company ZeroBounce. She is passionate about communication and helping others email successfully. You can find her on the ZeroBounce blog, where she shares her best tips on digital marketing, copywriting, PR and everything in between.

You can connect with Corina on her LinkedIn profile.