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Tips, Tricks, and Tech to Develop an Effective Email Outreach Process

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Looking for a secret sauce for getting more responses to your outreach emails? To network successfully with movers and shakers in your niche, you must first develop an effective email outreach process. Luckily for you, this is exactly what we are about to show you in today’s post.

After implementing the simple tricks and tips we share here, we bet your email outreach process will be nothing short of effective.

Let’s get started!

How to find more success doing blogger outreach

Pick the right target market

Persuading the wrong target group when promoting your brand is one of the surest ways to fail in your marketing strategy. These people only end up wasting your time and resources with no meaningful progress or results to show for it. From the moment you’re conducting a background check of your prospects, establish their likelihood of adding value to your business. And if you’re unsure how to go about this, here are a couple of key guidelines to assist you in assessing whether your contact is the right target or not:

Prospect’s audience

A good example here is when looking to work with an influencer to promote your products or services; ensure their audience suits your brand. Also, try to dig deeper to find out about the effectiveness of their previous promotions on similar brands and how the audience reacted.

Prospect’s level

Supposing you’re targeting a huge celebrity to help you with promotion, chances of getting timely and favorable responses are quite slim especially if your brand is still in its infancy. An ideal approach is to target several prospects at a lower level and tap into their audiences instead. This also saves on the cost of marketing and increases your reach to a diverse population.

Bring email tools aboard

Email tools are essential in many ways including gathering prospect data, structuring your emails, managing contacts, and providing templates among others. They simplify your work by saving on time and resources utilized in finding the right target.

If you’re wondering which email tools to use for your outreach process, Mailchimp or SendGrid offer a good place to start. What you’ll possibly love the most about them is that both come with a few free email services which will prove quite effective particularly when conducting prospect analysis. In addition, they automate functions which would otherwise be tedious when approached manually. Most importantly, they facilitate in-depth research of the bloggers or other influencers you’re looking to contact in your outreach process.

Be a genuine fan

Getting industry leaders to promote your brand works best when you’re a devoted fan of their content. This helps you learn and discover more about them, including their preferences and what they stand for.

A quick route to becoming a fan is by simply subscribing to their newsletter or adding them on social platforms. Go through their blog posts, comment on their content, and ensure they see your brand name at every turn. Doing this makes it easier for them to remember you when you finally make the move to request them to promote you.

Avoid sounding or looking needy

The truth is, most influential bloggers avoid wasting time on people who appear desperate for publicity. With numerous emails hitting their inboxes daily, they look for value every time they open emails from new addresses. As such, ensure that your messages exhibit relevance and sound valuable to them. Put simply, represent yourself as a giver rather than a taker who they want to avoid by all means.

A good approach is to begin by pointing out one of their recent projects and offer genuine compliments. But beware that liking their work alone doesn’t necessarily win their heart. Demonstrate a profound understanding of the project and explain the value you obtain from their work. You may not stand out immediately, but the thought that they’re impacting your life will make them consider responding time and again.

Be straightforward

Never beat around the bush when sending messages to your prospects. The last thing you want is to sound vague especially when you want your email to be considered relevant.

Go straight to the point to make it easy for the recipient to fathom the purpose of your email at first glance. Remember, an email outreach should be concise, valuable, and relevant to increase the chances of qualifying for a response.


Your first email outreach doesn’t have to be your last to a prospect that ignored you. If the recipient has a busy inbox, standing out from the crowd takes more than just a single try. On your subsequent emails, try to be brief and quote the previous email if possible. Through this, the recipient won’t have trouble digging around to find your last email if he/she responds.

Alternately, you can completely disregard the previous email and write a new pitch. The effort is to spark the prospect’s interest using a different approach. Determination goes a long in realizing the purpose of an email outreach.

What other tips have worked for you when using email outreach to promote your brand? We’d love to hear your feedback.