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How To Get New Customers In A Competitive Market

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The challenge for all businesses today is how to continue to attract new customers. There is fierce competition for ‘eyeballs’ with all online initiatives, from PPC, SMM and the more subtle strategies like content marketing. Plus while the marketing budget is growing, it’s not being any easier to measure the engagement and what you’re really interested in actual new clients.

Traditional advertising e.g. TV, print, billboards are still in the advertising mix for most businesses, but it’s no longer the ‘go-to’ for customer acquisition. There was a time, not that long ago, when businesses would be guaranteed the phone will be a buzz with enquires following a TV advertising campaign but we now live in another time and TV has lost its allure, so what can you do to fill the sales pipeline with prospects and ideally do it without direct contact?


Well, you can outsource your advertising and marketing to a third party, i.e. a marketing agency. Taking the initiative to engage a marketing expert or ideally an agency with many collective years of knowledge and success may seem a huge investment but you can lock the commitment down to a fixed-term or campaign.

Clearly, your business is struggling to innovate the marketing message, and even with more money to spend, the new customer numbers are not encouraging.

Throwing yourself into the mix with direct contact with consumers is equally not a great use of your time, and by taking this approach it may impact the business in another area where you’re more productive and required.

Therefore you’ve reached the fork in the road and need to choose a path. Do you…

  • Continue with the same marketing strategy and accept the end result which will be what you’re getting currently?

Or do you …

  • Take a leap of faith and pass the responsibility of your business marketing campaigns to marketing experts who love what they do and know how to engage via newer strategies like influencer marketing?

Remember the challenge for your business with new customer acquisition is not so much the amount of money you have for it but instead how you spend that money. Reaching out to marketing experts will educate you and provide workable knowledge in the craft of innovative strategies including influencer marketing.

Online Reviews

There are some strategies you personally can get amongst too, including tapping into personal recommendations i.e. customer reviews. We all do it, seek out referrals when we need to make a purchase, so this is where you and your in-house team can make a difference.

On influencer marketing guru Jeff Bullas points out, that 84% of online consumers trust online reviews as much as friends’ and family members’ recommendations.

Blogs & Social Media

So, where might you go for online reviews?

You’ll do what most consumers do and that’s an online keyword search in a search engine like Google. The organic results of your search will show blog posts or social media feeds of an “influencer”. This is interesting insofar as content marketing via blogs and influencer marketing are the newer strategies, agencies will suggest when your business engages them to construct a marketing campaign on your behalf.

Striking up a relationship with an influencer already connected to your target audience could help you get your brand in front of that audience. Influencer marketing agency Socially Powerful says much of their work right now is locating and working with influencers specific to their clients business and industry.

Summing Up

In summary, all businesses need to work smarter, not harder with their marketing budget and doing all the tasks inhouse is not the way to go when the same activity delivers the same poor results. Engaging external or third party support to learn how to blog, engage on social media and with influencers so your business can take up the reigns later on just makes sense in a highly competitive environment.

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