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4 Marketing Hacks to Get More Dental Patients (and Keep Them Indefinitely)

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Attracting and retaining dental patients requires an effective marketing strategy. Most dental healthcare professionals expect more patients in the waiting room and full seats. They also hope to respond to telephone inquiries from new clients.

The healthcare market is competitive, and you should stay ahead of the practice. You should seek to increase the number of clients who return for more services. A consistent marketing pattern will help attract new patients and keep the existing ones.

The following are four practical dental marketing ideas:

1. Dental Patients: Make a Great First Impression

Most dental patients begin their search for treatment online. Thus, the first impression of your practice will come from your website or other online engagement platforms.

You should update your website with relevant content and features. Having a responsive website will attract dental patients to your offices. A responsive website grants access from all devices.

A disorganized and outdated website gives the impression that you care less about patient experiences.

Partnering with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service will improve your site access. Investing in such online resources guarantees good returns on your dental marketing plan.

2. Hire a Friendly Team and Always Engage your Clients

Your employees should be sincere and friendly toward prospective clients. New patients will remember your staff’s attitude long after they visit and interact together.

Train your employees on proper office etiquette, like greeting patients as soon as they walk in through the door. It’s discomfiting when the staff in a dental practice office don’t acknowledge a new patient’s presence.

A dental answering service is important for marketing dental implants to target markets. Recognizing a patient’s presence will make them want to come back if not for any past good experiences.

3. Invite Feedback and Referrals from your Patients

The best way to know the performance of your dental practice is by listening to your clients. The channels for customer feedback include email surveys, texts, and scheduled calls, among others.

You should consider introducing referral programs to patients. Providing incentives like gift cards and hampers will motivate more clients to take part. Discounting your services and free consultations is another enough incentive.

4. Sponsor Local Events

Sponsoring local events is one way of getting involved with the community you intend to serve with dental services. Begin by getting in touch with a charity event or organization in the community.

It helps to have a visible logo to promote awareness for your brand. It’s advisable to have a branded stall where you can give flyers containing a catalog of your dental services.

Other marketing ideas include:

listing with a dental directory

• running a dental blog

• making promotional videos and marketing them

• focus on getting positive reviews


You should work to develop a personal connection between dental patients and your brand. This will ensure survival despite the tough competition. Be sure to put in place the strategies to attract and maintain clients to your offices.

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