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Why High Precision CNC Machining Is Important

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There are a couple of ways to create a physical part from a computer design; one is through 3D Printing, and the other is by CNC precision machining. In this blog post, we consider the importance of precision CNC machining, where it’s used in specific sectors, and why you’ve heard of 3D printing but not CNC machining.

3D Printing Versus CNC Machining

Over the past few years, 3D printing has become ubiquitous and like many consumers, you might own one. Precision CNC Machining, however, is not for consumer use so it’s the lesser known of the two types. This article will improve your knowledge and understanding of how important this type of machining is in products we use every day both in business and life.

Manufacturing Process


The manufacturing process of 3D printers is the direct opposite to that of CNC machining, as it starts with no material and gradually adds it in just the right amounts until there is a product at the end of it.


CNC machining, by contrast, is a more traditional process, where it is subtractive, i.e. it starts with a block of physical material and removes the excess from it to get the desired product.

Why High Precision Machining Is So Important?

Many industries are eager to use micro-components in their products, which is a trend in industries including electronics, medical parts, energy components, and life science research.

With the development of computer power, telecommunications and the Internet, the demand for micro-processing services is becoming more and more popular worldwide, and the technology industry is particularly interested.

The latest music devices, telephones, and computers are not just a few examples of industries that require precision CNC machining of tiny parts to the highest accuracy. Advances in the medical, fiber and satellite industries also have required micro-fabrication companies around the world to improve their precision capabilities.

The first computer digital control precision machines came out in the 1940s, and they were card punch machines which were popular with businesses right to the late 1980s.

At the end of the last century right through to today, CNC machining technology has gone through substantial technological change.

With the rapid development of 5-Axis CNC machining technology, more and more prototype manufactures have high demands for precision machining of parts. For example, If the size of the device is reduced, then the components that make it work will keep getting smaller for better performance and higher efficiency.


From a career perspective, there is high-demand for experience in team leadership, business management and the more specific areas including:

  • CNC machine tool workers or specialists – roles include tool set production, turning impression some positions may require programming skill as well as fixture design and development. Competency to push machines to make designs and tolerances that exceed the manufacturer’s expectations, maximizing their performance.
  • Machinists – roles from operator to floor manager

Main Sectors Using High Precision Machining

Medical Device Industry

5-axis milling and EDM are favorites for manufacturers of cardiovascular and orthopaedic devices, surgical instruments and implants.

Medical CNC machining

Many factors influence the outcome of medical procedures. The same is correct for medical CNC machining. High precision results can be guaranteed if the equipment can control temperature and dust to ensure a perfect environment for each process and the stringent tolerances.

  • Surgical scissors – essential tools in almost every medical procedure, they are used to sew when they are not being used to get into the skin. Surgical scissors come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of applications – they are exceptionally small when used in eye surgery. Surgical device manufacturers are often looking for a reliable CNC machine shop with incredible results
  • Cannula – medical products such as vein cannula are in high demand because they are used in medical centers almost everywhere in the world. Like many surgical instruments, they come in many sizes, similar to a needle gauge. Only the most advanced equipment, such as multi-spindle milling and wire edm, can be used to produce high-precision casing.
  • Guidelines for orthopaedic surgery with saws – help orthopaedic surgeons to cut as cleanly as possible and prevent cutting too deep into the bone while sawing. Orthopaedic surgery requires the highest precision machining tools to produce the highest precision results.


For more than a century, modern aircraft have shed the era of wooden, wire and canvas biplanes, requiring an ever-expanding complement of precise and complex components to maintain consistent efficiency, safety and durability.

The complexity of modern aircraft cannot be overstated: sophisticated avionics, as well as decorative systems, aircraft turbines, hydraulic surfaces and advanced engines, all, require advanced components to function.

As air travel is built and expanded, aircraft fleets always need the best components to operate efficiently, reliably and safely. Precision and precision are essential in the processing of civil aviation and military aviation parts. In many cases, high-precision machining engineers will refine the design of elements to improve the overall application level.

Revolutionary 5-axis CNC machine tools and wire-EDM services allow for faster and more accurate construction of aircraft components. Rapid turnaround times, coupled with consistent precision, making it easy to produce even the most precision oriented parts.


With the 3rd, 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions, taking our businesses and industries like Medical and Aviation to a higher level, we as consumers also have equally high expectations from technology.  We want appliances and products that are smaller, smarter, and eco-friendly.   Our smart devices are faster, smarter and smaller.  There is no end in sight for the use of precision CNC machining in manufacturing.

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