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The Top Three Strategies For Lead Generation

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Businesses need customers and the task of lead generation is the ultimate focus for all marketing teams. There are many ways to fill the sales pipeline with prospective customers using multi-channel marketing is now the norm. Your sales team, work within the sales pipeline to convert the prospects into customers. The lead generation pipeline is fluid with data about everyone who touches the business in some way including a visit to the company website.

With so many channels and strategies at our fingertips it’s a challenge for marketers to keep up and use all the resources available to generate as many targeted leads as possible.

In this article, we aim to assist by reiterating which lead generation strategies are proven to provide great ROI.

Email Marketing

According to digital marketing experts, email marketing using Gmail is now one of the most effective ways to generate leads online. This is due to Google Adwords appears in emails (more on this topic later).

Email marketing, when you’re using any bulk email service provider, is a low cost and high engagement strategy. A very present and popular marketing tool most businesses including your social media providers like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. still considered email for communication a top performer to pull visitors to websites and thus delivering a high ROI.

Grow your email marketing lists with opt-in subscribers so you can reach thousands of prospective customers. Start with incentivising your website visitors to sign up to your email marketing and to invite their network to sign up too. A giveaway, discount or money off their first purchase is a popular way to get their data.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising needs little introduction. Google AdWords has grabbed the lions share of the market, and it has disrupted it so much that even the large independent publishers with thousands of visitors have succumbed to their dominance and use their Adsense instead of their own ad management system.

Using 4th Generation algorithms to target consumers, businesses can expect stellar results when they know how to use Adwords effectively. We mentioned Gmail advertising earlier and it’s appropriate to delve further into this strategy now. Gmail is a hugely popular email service, and now with the injection of Google Ads in the emails, it’s become even more effective as a lead generation tool.

With PPC if you’ve got the investment, and either use experts to manage it, or you know how to bid and target consumers, it’s really invaluable as a way to fill the sales pipeline.

Social Media

There’s no doubting the importance of social media for marketing. There are millions of users so when they are have been targeted, you are in looking at one of the most efficient channels for online lead generation,. Social media can ‘up the ante’ quick smart; however, you need to use your time wisely. Beyond being an essential channel for engaging with your target audience, you can use social media to influence the purchasing behaviour of your customers through strategic ads and influencer marketing.

Corporations, as well as startups, have recognised the power of social media for lead generation, and their entire marketing process is often revolving around their social media marketing campaigns. The starting point for any new business page on a social media platform is to get followers. Use your other marketing strategies like sharing your blog posts and mentioning your social media presence in your emails to grow your page followers.

Your focus needs to be on creating great content that is relevant and interesting to your intended audience. Vary it insofar as it includes excellent visuals and audio for your social media pages. Social media requires a lot of content for continuing the ‘conversation’. Try your hand at some interesting copywriting articles or engage a copywriter as everything starts with great content.

Online lead generation is always challenging, but when you focus on the right tasks like publishing on your blog relevant content and sharing it in emails and on social media, the leads will come.

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