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Importance of ISO certification

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As a business owner, have you ever wondered whether the products that you offer your clients are safe for human use? Have you ever posed to ask whether they harm nature? Can you actually prove that they are getting value for what they are paying for?

Part of the answers to these questions lies in the standards used to produce these products. The answer can be found in ISO standards and ISO certification.

Why are the standards important

These standards are necessary in that they provide uniform guidelines on how organizations should go about production. The guidelines ensure that the products and services produced:

  • will keep us safe from injuries
  • Are quality products
  • Are naturally competitive
  • Will help create employment.

Generally, ISO standards and ISO certification help to create a safer world of production both for clients and workers.

Benefits of ISO certification For your business

ISO certification is beneficial to your business in the following ways:

Operational improvement

With ISO standards you are able to improve business operations in your organization Before your business gets ISO certified, you will need to go over your production processes and systems to find out what needs improvement and optimization. The results are improved resource utilization and better waste management.

Improves business credibility

ISO standards are international standards meaning that they are recognized all over the world. This being the case, an ISO certified business seeking to expand operations in a foreign country will be more credible compared to one that is not. Credibility ensures that its products will be quite acceptable in the market. When this is the case, chances are that its revenue will increase. In a new environment, ISO certification acts as one of the proves that you offer quality products.

Improves you contract bidding powers

When bidding for big and sensitive projects in large organizations, ISO certification is usually one of the requirements. ISO certification ensures that you can bid on such contracts. ISO certification will still come as an added advantage even when contracting in organizations where the certification is not a mandatory requirement.

Improves your marketing ability

Businesses that are ISO certified and use it in their marketing campaigns have a better chance of converting potential leads into sales. Research has shown that in most cases customers will be more inclined to listen when they realize that the business is ISO certified. There is a clear difference in revenues between businesses that use ISO certification in their marketing campaigns and those that do not. ISO certification is a powerful convincing tool and no business should leave it out when marketing its products.

The above are some of the many benefits that you will get by ensuring that your business is ISO certified says Lisa Velanoff, a quality management systems lead auditor. The process of getting ISO certification is also not very complicated. You will, however, need a system auditor who will help with the ISO training to ensure that your production standards are in line with ISO standards.