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8 Tips for Marketing to Seniors

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Baby boomers continue to be the wealthiest generation in history. And it’s facts like this one which reminds us to not count them out when marketing our goods and services.

But when it comes to marketing to seniors, it is important to remember that they are a large, diverse, and well-educated group of people. So it is going to take more than just big fonts and photos of older people walking on the beach to turn them into buyers.

Contrary to popular belief, senior citizens spend a lot of time online. They are also spending more time on hobbies, recreational activities, and travel.

If you are looking for a large demographic with plenty of disposable income, look no further than today’s senior citizens. Read on, and we’ll walk you through the best tips for how to successfully market to them.

Use the Right Words

When marketing to seniors, it is important that you understand that it is a different technique than marketing to other demographics like millennials.

Don’t use internet slang or trendy jargon. Seniors aren’t likely to understand the message you are trying to get across. This could not only confuse but frustrate them, thus stopping them from interacting with your business.

Also, many seniors don’t like to be called “elderly.” Instead, use phrases like “senior citizens” or even “older adults.”

Emphasize Their Strengths

Today’s senior citizens don’t like to feel as if they are being talked down to. If you market to them as if they are weaker people than when they were younger, they are most likely going to feel disrespected and turned off.

Try to relate to them with your marketing while also showing how your product can make their lives even better. Use positive marketing strategies instead of ones based on fear and negativity.

Use the Right Social Media Sites

Social media continues to become more and more popular with older Americans. According to a Pew research poll, 68% of Americans between ages 50 and 64 use Facebook. 48% of people who are 65 or above also use Facebook. And those numbers continue to grow.

Understand though that Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform used by older people. Very few have accounts on other social sites like Instagram and Twitter. Because of this, Facebook ads should definitely be worth considering for your product.

Keep Your Website Simple

Yes, there are plenty of old people online nowadays. But that doesn’t mean they are tech wizards. Make sure that your website is simple and easy to navigate. Always use large fonts. Also, your message should be clear and straight-forward.

Make sure that your payment process is easy as well. It would be a shame to get a client all the way to the checkout screen only for them to become confused and give up.

Try to limit overwhelming them with content. Keep your webpages free of clutter and try to direct them to wherever you want them to go to next.

Use Offline Marketing Too

If you were marketing to demographics like Millennials or Gen Xers, posting online would be your top priority. Although many seniors are using the internet these days, many still do not or at least don’t spend much time on it.

A lot of older Americans still drive cars. Because of this, radio ads are a great way to reach out to them. Consider contacting your local news and oldies radio stations so that you can advertise with them. Billboards are another great way to reach drivers. Just be sure to use a large, easy to read font.

Many older people still watch television too, as opposed to younger generations who watch most of their content online. Channels that play the news, sports, and talk shows are all popular among the middle-aged and retired.

Give Them a Personal Experience

Many baby boomers hate having to talk to machines when calling a business. If you can afford it, try to use real people for your customer service and sales lines every step of the way.

Phone calls are also preferred methods of communication when compared to email, messaging, and apps.

Know Your Target Demographic

Whenever you are marketing a product or service, you need to know your customer-base inside and out. Try to learn more about senior citizens, such as how to communicate with them, what their values are, and what their shopping habits are like.

Use Images

Our brains are able to process images 60,000 times faster than they do text. No matter which demographic you are trying to market towards, images are always a great tool to utilize.

When using images to market to older people, understand that many of them see themselves as 10 to 15 years younger than they actually are. The images that you use should reflect this.

Pick photos that show people positively using your product in a simple and clear way. You want to help your potential customers see why using your services will make their lives better.

Understanding Marketing to Seniors

When marketing to seniors, always aim to treat them with respect and courtesy. It is not easy being older in today’s constantly changing society. It can be very easy for someone to feel confused, vulnerable, and frustrated.

If you are working with an older client one-on-one, be sure to be patient with them and never make them feel as if they are being talked down to. Remember, at some point, we all become senior citizens. Try to think how you would like to be marketed to.

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