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Pallet Racking Pros To Improve Competition

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What is pallet racking, and how can businesses use it to improve their competitiveness?

Pallet Racks – Explained

Pallet racking is not new, it’s been around for over a hundred years. In fact, this warehouse storage system was invented soon after the forklifts became popular.

Before pallet racks, most warehouse storage was horizontal for easy access. Storage buildings expanded outwards to accommodate more materials, and this was costly and not a good use of space.


The invention of first the forklift and then the pallet rack was a game-changer in warehouse storage solutions. Now storage buildings could make use of height and store vertically. The use of pallets could store goods on top of each other, rising up many levels.

From World War Two onwards this efficient packing system has been widely used not just in warehouses but also retailers. How would the vast online retailers like Amazon get on if they didn’t have a smart warehouse storage solution like pallet racking? The footprint of just one their warehouses would need to be that of a city!


Today, land wherever it is located costs more and over time, the value continues to rise. Decades of population growth, for example, Land in the UK, even in rural areas, valued higher than it was a few decades ago.

Manufacturing and warehousing businesses in areas like northern England, therefore, need sophisticated storeroom facilities to compete on the global stage.

Improve Competitiveness

Why? Well, we live in a global economy, and consumers can compare the cost of products online. They will most often choose the cheapest. Where the product is warehoused before delivery doesn’t interest them. They just look at the cost to them.

Customer loyalty is earned by providing an efficient service at a high price. Repeat business that most companies strive for so, here are the top pros this storage system:

Advantages for Pallet Racking

Greater Use of Space

With pallet racking, your storeroom can be fully utilized. By stowing items on racks that reach to the ceiling, not just to head height, you can use your upward space more efficiently and keep more of what you need on hand.

Improve Goods-In

By palletizing your processes, jobs get done quicker. Deliveries on pallets can be processed and stored in a single operation without the need to unpack everything. This saves times and prevents choking points in your system.

Better Stock Checking

With a pallet racking installation, performing stock checks becomes a breeze. Not only can you do inventories during regular office hours, but the data you collect is often more accurate as a result of being able to see everything clearly.

Utilise Your Available Footprint

If you want to fit more racking into a warehouse or stock-room, then thin-aisle racking is the answer. By lowering the amount of dead space in your facility, you can save on temporary storage solutions and even renting costlier business premises. This can be especially helpful for
many businesses where rental prices are often high. If your business is in the market for pallet racking, you can get advice from Warehouse storage solutions.

Pick Accurately

Finally, when you have a pallet racking system, your ability to pick items accurately improves. This is great whether you are running a manufacturing business and need the right assemblies at the production line on time or are merely picking items from stock to fulfil customer orders.

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