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How Innovation Has Improved Banner Display Conversion

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Display advertising is growing in popularity, and technology has changed how these online banner adverts engage consumers.

Are your adverts using video, mobile display and dynamic creative? If not you’re missing out on improved consumer engagement.

Mobile, Social & Programmically Served Ads

According to eMarketer, the most popular device for ads is mobile, while the best medium is social and to purchase ads its adverts served programmatically. eMarketer compared the growth expectations of all three and discovered an interesting outcome. It’s probably no surprise really that social is projected to decline from now through to 2020.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook are under greater scrutiny. For example, its future and historic practices may face penalties, and this reputation damage is putting off users and advertisers. How long the decline lasts is anyone’s guess, it could rebound and once again be the darling of advertisers and users alike.

Mobile and Ad Buying Programmatically

What’s doing really well right now is ads service to mobile and ad buying programmatically.

So how can your business do to improve customer engagement of banner display adverts?

According to Bannerflow’s Display Advertising Trends: 2019 infographic, there are innovative trends that are game-changing insofar as they’re dramatically improving consumer engagement with clicks.

Marketers, wherever they may be in the world, have the same goal to deliver better results for their customers. Therefore news of any improvement to how banner ads are designed and delivered is sure to cause excitement.

The following information is our interpretation of the infographic’s content.

Add Video To Display Ads

A short video within the display advert is known as ‘in-banner video’.

Bannerflow discovered:

  • Display ads with a video have 18.4% better CTR
  • Traditional video advertising is expensive to deliver across conventional media, but the in-banner video is a game-changer, as it’s cost effective and targeted using HTML5 widgets.

Dynamic Creative For Personalisation

Another significant innovation is ‘dynamic creative’. A form of programmatic advertising that uses live data feeds, to personalise and serve adverts in real-time like you’ve never seen. It’s part of the 4th Industrial Revolution in all its glory, and a simple example is a use of ‘geo-location’ to serve relevant adverts based on your current location.

You could be walking or driving near a pop-up store and be served an advert promoting its existence, special offers etc. Of course, then you’ll need to embrace Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO). Dynamic Creative is the future today, and it won’t be long before standardised content is history in advertising.

Mobile Display Ads

Smartphones offer a massive opportunity for advertisers. HTML5 format ads are correctly sized and tailored for interaction with consumers on mobiles anytime, anywhere.

Serving mobile display ads is more about leisure time, i.e. delivering the ads outside of working hours achieves better engagement.

A significant sports or shopping event spikes the display and conversion of such Ads, e.g. during the FIFA World Cup a 6.45 % increase in ad impressions was recorded.


When technology delivers vast improvements which drive greater consumer engagement in business advertising and marketing strategies, it never fails to impress and inspire everyone who comes into contact with it. There has been talking of the death of banner advertising for years, and these innovations prove the opposite exists. Long live banner display advertising!