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5 Life Hacks For A Successful Beauty Biz

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Getting involved in the beauty industry is an exciting step to take, especially if it makes you one step closer to being your own boss! However, every new job has its set of challenges, and beginning your own venture in the beauty space is no exception.

From finding clients to set up the right kind of space to managing finances and accounting, there’s a lot that goes into a business beyond just offering those amazing beauty services of yours. Luckily, becoming an entrepreneur is easier now than ever now due to some incredible resources we have that can prop us up and make us the best business owners possible.

If you’re setting up your beauty business, here are 5 hacks to help you find success and keep it for the long-haul:

1. Underestimate the need for marketing

Marketing your business will need to be one of your top priorities as soon as you get started. You won’t be able to fill your client roster without finding the clients first, right? So, to get a quick jumpstart on your success, hit the ground running with quality social media and local advertising.

Getting your name and business out there is the only way people will be able to find you, so whether that means hiring a social media manager or putting your own money on the line for advertisement, you’ll reap significant benefits. Those who don’t know about this “”hack”” will still be begging for clients down the road.

2. Nail down your systems and processes ahead of time

There’s nothing professional about looking like you have no idea what you’re doing. While it’s fine to still be figuring things out, don’t let your paying customers see these parts of you just yet.

To help this, nail down your business processes so interactions with clients can run smoothly. What kind of checkout process will you use? What about booking? Is there any onboarding needed for new clients/customers? How will each appointment be set up?

Answer these questions with real plans, and you’ll have an impressively seamless experience with your first clients.

3. Find technology that enables you

Technology is our greatest asset right now, so you should be using it to kickstart your business and push it to new heights! There are booking apps, inventory software, and so much more out there available to us!

Using something like The Gloss Genius Salon Software is ideal because it’s designed for beauty business management specifically! You can handle your booking, checkout, and customer data all in one convenient app.

4. Offer your salon’s products for sale

Creating multiple streams of revenue can be vital in staying afloat, especially when your books are looking a little empty. By selling some of the products you use in your appointments, you allow your clients to bring your salon experience home.

You also allow yourself to make money even when you’re not in the salon. You can have online sales through a web store and start raking in passive income.

5. Invest in smart accounting

There’s nothing that will knock a business owner down quite like tax season. Being a business owner is hard when it comes to accounting, and you shouldn’t underestimate it.

Instead, go in with a smart accounting plan. How will you keep track of income and expenses? You should try keeping organized spreadsheets or looking into accounting software.

What about when it’s, ‘s time to file for your return? Find an accountant that you trust, and perhaps one that’s exceptionally skilled in small business owner finances. You won’t regret it!