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4 Essential Tips For Surviving A Move While Changing Jobs

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Two of the most exciting life changes are starting a new job and moving to a different city. These are also two of the most stressful life changes.  When you combine them, the challenge becomes that much more extreme. Your to-do list seems to never stop growing while the actual moving day looms more closely with every passing day.

There are many people who have handled these stresses before and still many who will in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the most important tips for successfully moving while you’re in the midst of changing jobs.

Benefit from the benefits

If you’re moving cities because a company wants you to work for them or your current company wants your talents for a different branch, look into what relocation benefits are available. These benefits typically cut down on the moving expenses that come out of your pocket. Many companies will offer up these benefits right away, especially if they are trying to convince you to leave your current job.

Even if you’ve just found an opening internally with your current employer, don’t be afraid to ask about relocation benefits. Many companies that regularly relocate employees will also have someone in human resources who can help you with the logistics of a move. These benefits coordinators can typically refer you to good moving companies or connect you with other employees who have also gone through the relocation process and can offer advice.

Build your network

The best way to successfully settle in a new environment is to start building up your social network. If you know people in your new city, don’t be afraid to reconnect with them. You can even expand your network by contacting friends of friends or family. These connections can help you grow more comfortable in your new home and introduce you to even more people, building your network even further.

Moving to a new city is also the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Try joining a running group or signing up for a yoga class to meet people with similar interests in your area. When you start at your new job, get accustomed to saying yes to every work lunch and happy hour. If you don’t make an effort to get to know your new colleagues from the very start, you won’t have much luck with building lasting relationships with them.

Hire professional movers

Take some stress off of yourself by working with an experienced moving company. Whether you use a recommendation from your new employer’s benefits coordinator or you find a company yourself, be sure to choose one that handles your type of relocation frequently. A move from one coast to another is very different from relocating to the next town over.

When you’re shopping around for a moving company, remember to consider factors like moving insurance options and additional fees. While the initial quote you get from a company may be low, these elements can quickly raise it. Look into other services that the moving service can provide as well, such as wrapping furniture or packing fragile objects.

Research your new home

Know exactly what you’re getting into when you relocate for your job by doing some of your own research beforehand. The first thing to look up is the cost of living in the area. While you may be getting a raise to accommodate your relocation, you need to ensure that this salary increase is still effective in your new location. Then, start researching the fun stuff. Get to know the area’s lifestyle by looking up the most popular restaurants, fitness studios, parks, and entertainment venues.

If you’re bringing your family with you in this move, now is also the time to look up the area’s schools and child care facilities. Know all of your schooling options, from public and private schools to magnet and charter schools. Once you find one suitable for your kids, start making contact so that your children are positioned to attend school as soon as you arrive.

With this move and job change, you’re about to start an exciting new chapter in your life. These tips are simple steps to help you prepare for this new adventure. Soon enough, you’ll be settled into your new home and impressing everyone at your new job. All you have to do first is tackle this move with some easy planning and preparation.

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