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How to Fix Social Media Mistakes That Can Harm Your Brand And Business?


Whether you are an entrepreneur or a start-up owner, social media is one of the most indispensable marketing tools of all time. If you own a business, then you must have a significant online presence to succeed. You can’t even think to flourish your business abundantly without a right approach to strategic social media marketing.

Also, not all the social media tricks are worth enough. You need to follow some effective tips to fix the most common social media mistakes, and that’s it. You are done.

How can you fix the biggest social media hassles?

Don’t focus on one social media platform

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the biggest mistakes marketers often make is focusing on only one channel. The biggest flaw in this approach seems to be your target audience might be more active on other social media platforms. So, your effort to save some of your bucks can end up losing potential customers.

Hence, you need to do thorough market research to figure out how platforms your clients are more active. Before going for the final channel preference, you need to engage in a discussion or survey to understand the real scenario.

Don’t post same contents on all channels

If marketers post the same content on various social media platforms, then it divides marketers. Some of the marketers can be seen to approve this approach, while others don’t do that. However, you must consider a couple of important aspects.

  • The content that you are offering should not be specific to one social media channel. It means that suppose, if you are sharing the same post on Twitter and Facebook, you are doing that without any optimization. For instance, Twitter is all about posting frequent updates. On the other hand, Facebook concentrates on less frequent and more personal posts. If you cross-post the same content, then you will end up alienating a section of your audience.
  • One of the biggest reasons why you should avoid posting the same content on all the social media platforms is that cross-posting from your end can be considered laziness by your audience. The repetitive contents might lead your customers to unfollow you.

Hence, to boost up the engagement level on social media, curate separate content for each platform while following the rules of each one of them. Consider A/B testing to be a major trick here for varying content that you post on various platforms.

Avoid posting spammy content

Of course, the purpose of social media platforms is to promote your business, but if you post too much content, it can chase your followers away. Moreover, if you are leading a startup business, you might begin your social media strategy with enthusiastic and aggressive content.

Actually, this mustn’t be the condition. Rather, you should start with the fun and engaging content that seems varied and not just about promotional chapters. It is always smart to not bombard them with sales promotions. They might otherwise unfollow or unlike your profiles. It is not only true for startups. The same makes sense for established companies.

It must be your responsibility to always value your customers and let them enjoy your content. Thus, you should make content marketing as your main focus. The social media channels for your business are to educate your audience and provide knowledge, information, and enjoyable content to them.

Don’t be rude on social media

When it comes to detailing negative comments on social media then it tends to be a pretty sensitive subject for the businesses. One wrong or abusive answer from your end can spoil your marketing strategy altogether. Howbeit, it is even not the right trick for marketers to ignore negative comments. It might end up giving the impression that your customer service is not good enough.

So, the best part here could be positively responding to those who are criticizing your brand. It is pretty tough not to take the negative reviews and comments about your company badly, especially when you have invested a lot in your business. But, you’ve to deal with it anyway.

It is important to make sure that each and every reply you are typing is very calm and polite. Replying publicly while being cool is the best way to assure your customers that you care about them. You must do that to boost up your social media marketing smartly.

Create a proper social media marketing plan

Like your overall business, the social media presence that you have must be a well-planned one. If you are not curating an organized social media strategy, then it will impact business goals. Hence, you need to opt for a targeted social media strategy which can let you choose relevant platforms for connecting with existing and potential customers.

Moreover, another reason you should create a rightful social media plan is that most purchasing decisions are made on social media platforms nowadays. In fact,  46% of social media users look for products on social media channels before purchasing. Hence, make sure that you have a proper social media strategy to receive insights into the role of social networks that they play in customers’ buying process.

Summing Up

Aren’t these tricks seems to pretty effective?

It’s easy to start with social media marketing, but marketers often miss taking the right steps to get the best out of it. Thus, it is recommended to keep the aforementioned tips in your mind, and you will definitely end up with a highly beneficial social media marketing strategy for your business. The less you commit these common mistakes, the more your marketing strategy will skyrocket!

What are you waiting for?

Walk an extra mile, take these potent steps now, and that’s it!