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How to Find (And Use) a Recruiter for Your Growing Business

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What if every team you manage could be your “A” team?

For expanding businesses, the dream is to find the best possible employees. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the best people while overseeing a growing company.

This is why many companies use recruiters to discover the very best talent. Unfortunately, many companies don’t know how to find a recruiter.

If this sounds like you, keep reading to discover how to find and use a recruiter for your growing business!

What Does a Recruiter Do?

We’ve put together a thorough guide for finding and using a recruiter. First, though, we need to establish what a recruiter actually does.

Recruiters are third parties that typically work with recruiting agencies. Their primary goal is to help companies find and recruit the top talent for different job openings.

Some larger companies hire “in-house” recruiters who do the same thing but only for that company. However, small businesses typically don’t have the capital to have a permanent recruiter on staff.

By using a third party recruiter, you can find the best recruits while paying the least amount of money.

How to Find a Recruiter

Now you know a bit about what recruiters do. That leaves another question: how do you find a recruiter?

Like we said before, most recruiters work for third party recruiting agencies. Finding a recruiter is typically as simple as contacting such an agency and interviewing a recruiter to see if they meet your particular needs.

You can learn more about finding recruiters on this website.

In order to know whether they meet your needs or not, it’s important to ask the recruiter the right questions during the interview.

Questions to Ask the Recruiter

One blunt question to ask the recruiter is where they rank relative to the rest of their organization. Ideally, you’ll have a recruiter who is in the top 20% (or even top 10%) of their organization.

It’s also good to ask what objections recruiters face with clients and how they handle such objections. This is one of the ways you can see how the recruiter would actually conduct themselves on the job.

Finally, it’s good to ask the recruiter what they can tell about you and your management style from the interview itself. The more they understand you and your style, the better they will be able to find employees who match it.

Now that you know more about finding and hiring a recruiter, here are a few of the benefits of using a recruiter.

Finding the Fans

Recruiters are really great when it comes to finding qualified people who also love your company and its products. And such people typically make for the very best hires.

These employees will be passionate and productive because they want to take ownership of a company they love. And they will be a natural source of word-of-mouth marketing, meaning they’ll be benefiting the company long after they clock out.

Finding these fans typically requires looking at more than just a job application. Fortunately, job recruiters are great at doing so.

Seeking Specialists

One problem that some companies run into is finding specialists. While it may be easy to find another sales expert, it can be difficult to find, say, a data analysis and logistics expert.

Job recruiters understand exactly what the field of job seekers looks like. Therefore, they are in a better position to find the people with the exact skills you need.

Better still, recruiters understand how different skills add up in surprising ways. They may be able to identify surprisingly good hires who don’t look like specialists on paper. But the diversity of their skills and experiences actually make them uniquely suited for the job at hand.

“Remote” Control

Working remotely is the best thing and worst thing that has ever happened to small businesses.

It’s the best because it gives you access to a global workforce and allows you to get productive work done outside of the “9 to 5” window. However, it’s the worst because many people who think they will be good remote workers struggle with time management and lack of supervision.

For companies interested in remote workers, job recruiters are really great. They can find experienced remote workers who understand your company vision as well as the technical requirements of remote work.

Understanding the Competition

Still wondering “why to use a recruiter?” One of the most compelling reasons is that they understand the competition better than anyone.

Ultimately, your company doesn’t just want skilled and competent workers. Instead, you want the kind of workers that will give your business the edge over the competition.

This is where recruiters really shine. Because they work with other businesses in your field, they know more about what other businesses are hiring for.

In this way, recruiters can help you keep your fingers on the pulse of a changing industry. Not only does this help you secure better employees, but it helps your company avoid getting left in the dust by your competitors.

Enhanced Screening

Have you ever stopped to think about how limited the interview process is? Most of the time, all we do is read a resume, have a single conversation, and then hire someone.

We treat bad employees as something of a surprise. How could we not see that they’d be a bad fit? Simply put, we didn’t spend much time actually screening them.

Job recruiters are great because they can provide additional screening of job applicants. They may monitor things like the applicant’s social media feed that your company would otherwise overlook.

Accordingly, they pass over anyone with any red flags. So by the time you sit down for an interview, you’ve got the best of the best to choose from.

How to Find a Recruiter: The Bottom Line

Now you know more about how to find a recruiter. But do you know how else to make your business successful?

Here at BusinessBlogs, we bring you the very best news and research from the world of business. To start growing your business today, check out our top tips for entrepreneurs!

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