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How Team Building Events Improve Productivity

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Who doesn’t like an excellent team-building event? We all do, and they are so effective for helping a team bond, i.e., connect at a deeper level.

Improving cohesion with new employees or strengthening the relationship among workers working together for years is good for business.

When people enjoy their jobs and the work environment, they are usually more productive, which can only be good news for business owners.

What has been tried and proven to improve productivity in the office is team-building events. Group activities encouraging openness and trust and fostering teamwork improve the workplace environment. People that work well together and as a team are more productive.

We spend a lot of time working and in the work environment. In the UK, the average weekly hours of work is 37.5; though that’s an average, some professions work a lot more hours every week. Therefore, workers who don’t get along with each other will affect everyone around them and the overall productivity of your business, so regular maintenance of relationships is required.

While your workers don’t need to be best friends, in fact, you probably don’t want to encourage that, as that, too, would lead to distractions; you will want them to be able to set aside any differences they may have to collaborate on everyday tasks in the workplace.

Here are some tips on how to get more from your workers with team building:

Get Out Of The Work Environment

Getting out of the office for the day is a great starting point, says Zing Events, UK industry leaders in innovative, fun, and effective team building.

As your workers spend most of their team together in the work environment, just stepping outside of the office provides an intriguing curiosity of each other. They can engage in plenty of activities with businesses like Zing Events, so your business can make a habit of it and keep the whole exercise exciting and engaging.

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Team building events can bring out the best and highlight improvement areas in individuals, your leadership, and the company’s culture.

Change is continuous, and that also includes your business and its people. Getting out of your comfort zone will present areas of improvement and ideas for change to strengthen the industry suited to different tasks.

Whether you have just established a business or it’s been operating for years, it’s constantly growing. You want to nurture it to do that successfully; it starts at the shop floor with your people by improving workplace relationships.

One type of event that can do that effectively starts with getting people out of their comfort zone. Events such as obstacle courses and sports and games. Engaging in these activities will shine a light on the people in your business who are leaders and who prefer to follow. This will help organize your roles from managerial to specialist or technical.

A great team-building event will help your staff to work well under pressure, and Zing Events says it’s also essential to have fun!

Relax And Have Fun

If there’s one thing that brings people together, it’s laughter. A natural ice breaker, humour will relax your team so they can perform their best during challenging tasks. Then, it’s time for the after-event. These events can be organized too, including:

  • Cocktail making classes
  • Pizza baking lessons
  • Tenpin bowling

You can never go wrong going out for a meal, too. Everyone needs to eat, so why not make a meal a social event for your staff.


In the office or on the sports ground, getting the best from your people requires empathy, participation, trust, teamwork, and enjoyment. Regular team-building exercises and events, clearing the air for all workers, and renewed enthusiasm for their work are just a few benefits for your business.