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5 Small Business Ideas for Camera Drone Owners

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Camera drone

Drones are now indispensable in many professions and camera drones have taken photography to a higher level. Breathtaking images of everything from wildlife, to aerial shots over cities are in the hands of expert drone operators and that’s why they are in demand in business.

Industries like engineering, tourism, and real estate and of course also the film industry to name a few use drone technology but there are many other uses for them too so his blog article expands on drone usage in business – read on.

What Is A Camera Drone?

Drones that have a camera mounted and take photos and video are known as camera drones. There are a lot of types and brands which has made them affordable to sole operators as well as large enterprises.

Camera Drones Usage In Business

The market for camera drones in business is evolving too. Advanced technology like 4K cameras (and maybe 8K soon too), Bluetooth, collision avoidance systems, and built-in GPS to capture and share higher quality video has grabbed the attention of many different industries. Check out this article for the best drones in the market.

If you’re considering a new business idea or wish to go solo here are 5 ideas for using camera drones:

1. Photography and Videography

Take photos and videos for various clients. Prospective clients can be real estate agents who want aerial shots of their properties, hotel owners who wish to showcase their services, filmmakers who require some quick shots and would rather take your services than buy an expensive drone, and many more.

You can also use your drone to cover weddings and sporting events for expanding your own photography services if you provide them. To further enhance the quality of the images, which you’ll want to do especially if you’re covering weddings, you can use automatic photo enhancing software as explained in that article by ‘go to and learn’. Even on the darkest day, with the right software an underexposed image can be lightened and so much more.

2. Security Surveillance

A business revolving around home and commercial security can be started with the help of a few drones. Having the ability to provide aerial surveillance that syncs with the clients’ phones will help sell your services more often as compared to other companies. Other than visual surveillance, drones can also help with detecting fire threats or water leaks, aiding with emergency response.

3. Aerial Mapping

Providing aerial mapping and surveying services to construction companies and architects is another fruitful option. This a specialized job, however, so you should have a few experts on your team and a few specialized drones to get the work done. This hassle pays off though, as aerial mapping services tend to make a lot more money than providing just photographic surveys.

4. Drone Renting

Want to do something very easy and still make money with your drone? Start renting it out. People are always looking for drones they can use for a project and then return rather than having to spend a good amount of money to buy a good one. The best thing about starting a drone renting business is that you can do it with even one. Of course, the more drones you have the better your business return. With any business idea, make sure you get professional advice.

5. Search & Rescue

If you are willing to develop a small business that has the potential to grow really big, then providing search and rescue services with your camera drones is a good idea. Drones are not only easier to operate than helicopters for search operations but they are also a fraction of the cost. They can also fly at night, which makes them much more ideal than helicopters for such operations.

Drones can also be equipped with infrared and night vision to see better at night and be able to locate people using heat signatures. And they can also provide emergency supplies to people once they are located. This is not only a lucrative business idea but also a morally good one.

It’s an exciting time to be around, as there are so many different ways to create an income, all the while having loads of fun doing it.

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