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Don’t Let Google Intimidate You! 5 SEO Techniques That Give You the Fastest SEO Results

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If you’ve spent countless hours updating your site’s keywords only to still be outranked by competitors, you’re not alone. Cracking the code of Google’s secretive ranking methods often feels like an unwinnable battle.

Thankfully, implementing some of the latest SEO techniques can help you get ahead of the game.

It’s time to take your search engine optimization to the next level. If you’re looking for the fastest SEO results possible, give these 5 strategies a try.

1. Use an SEO App to Optimize Your Website

Before going any further, make sure that you’re using an SEO app (such as Yoast SEO for WordPress) to optimize your site. These apps can help you catch easily missed keyword opportunities like meta titles, meta descriptions, and headers.

If you’re new to search engine optimization, these apps can also help you create web content that’s optimized for the topics you want to rank for. Yoast, for example, can determine whether your content contains the right key phrases and long-tail keywords before it’s published.

2. Make Your Links Count

Many people take a “more is better” approach to SEO, but when it comes to links, quality is just as important as quantity. Use a mix of these three link types:

Internal Links

Internal links are redirects from one page of your website to another. To optimize your internal links, make sure that most of them (including those in your site’s navigation) contain keywords in the anchor text.

External Links

External links send your site’s visitors to another website. High-quality and relevant external links help search engines identify your page’s topic. Google’s algorithm also recognizes external links as an indicator of helpful content.


Backlinks send users from an external webpage back to your own website. Though some can come from social media shares, the best way to get quality backlinks is by guest posting on reputable sites. Choose sites that are related to your niche, post excellent content, and will put your link in the article’s body instead of an author bio.

3. Think Like RankBrain

Google announced in 2015 that an artificial intelligence known as RankBrain would be taking over its ranking algorithms. RankBrain’s job is to pay attention to how users interact with web pages. It then modifies the hard-coded Google algorithms to improve user satisfaction and updates page rankings accordingly.

Providing a great user experience is the best way to make your site RankBrain-friendly. This means paying close attention to metrics such as dwell time, bounce rate, organic CTR, pogo-sticking, and domain authority.

Most importantly, make sure that your landing page gets people to stick around long enough to view more of your content. Fill your homepage with natural CTAs to check out your blog, products, or testimonials.

4. Update and Refresh Old Content

Do you have a wealth of old content that contains excellent information, but receives little to no traffic? If so, it’s time to give your past posts a major SEO upgrade.

Comb through your posts and replace out-of-date information, refine your keywords, and add appropriate links. If you have multiple short posts on similar topics, consider combining them into an “ultimate guide,” as long-form content (1,800 words or more) tends to rank highest.

5. Re-think Your Keyword Strategies

When coming up with keywords, do your research to find out what people are already searching for and optimize your titles and descriptions based on the results.

One great keyword-finding strategy is reading through Google Adwords ads in your niche. These keywords were chosen based on their ability to generate organic clicks, so you already know they’re useful.

You can also use tools like SpyFu or SEMRush to identify the keywords that your competitors rank for, or search Reddit threads for popular terms and search phrases.

Use These Strategies for the Fastest SEO Results

Implementing these strategies should put you well on your way to achieving the fastest SEO results your website has ever seen. Have any other SEO tricks helped your business achieve results quickly? Tell us about your favourites in the comments below.

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