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Best Way to Block Ads in 2019

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You’re enjoying a little downtime from your job, surfing away to your heart’s content when you’re ambushed by all kinds of neon boxes and flashing banners. If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re probably fed up of sharing your screen with ads and accidentally clicking on deals on shoes and exotic Caribbean cruises when all you wanted to do is shut that window down and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. If your web experience is being ruined by ads, the solution of course is to use an ad-blocker!

Ad-Blocker Explained

Not everyone knows what an Ad-blocker is so here’s a layperson’s definition. It is software that stops Adverts from showing when you’re browsing websites. There are free basic features that block some types of ads but not all e.g. pop up ads while more complex software blocks all Ads, the sharing of browser data and a lot more.

In other words not all ad-blockers have been created equal, so while there’s the option that comes with some browsers like Chrome, they don’t actually want to block out ‘all’ ads hence the demand for dedicated ad-blocking software like which offer a lot more features and benefits. See this blog post – AdLock, Why you should Block Ads

Nullify Threats

AdLock for example, is designed to eliminate all adverts irrespective of their format. Therefore you can block popups, flashing banners, text ads, and take the control back. Ads are a security risk so by shutting down ads for Windows and Android, AdBlocker targets flashing and pop-up banners, YouTube and Skype ads, video promotions and text ads nullifying security threats like Malware spyware, trojans and other such malicious software.

Malvertising is a real term and it’s used to describe the use of online advertising to spread malware. It’s a newish concept that doesn’t require the user to click on the advert to be compromised. It travels surreptitiously through the advertising networks and it catches millions of users as it did back in 2012.

Even the most discerning sites are affected by bad Ads hijacking as noted in the fastcompany blog post. Therefore if for no other reason blocking Ads is good for security!

Protect Your Data

Adverts are used by companies and businesses to encourage you to buy their products and services, and they collect data which is used to serve you more targeted Ads. Sounds okay right? Wrong, you don’t want your data collected in the first instance. Plus there’s the issue with page loading speed.

Improve Page Load Speed

Ads slow down the the page loading time and overall browsing experience. With higher spec adblocking software, URLs of potentially hazardous websites are found and eliminated and this speeds up page loading and thus your enjoyment, i.e if you’re on a 15 minute morning tea break you will get through more pages without the intrusion of Ads.


Little did you know, higher performance adblockers do so much. You can not unlearn what you now know about online adverts and the threat they pose, so think twice about allowing Ads to show, especially on shared systems and devices. Using any adblocker is better than none. A higher spec ad-blocker can go a step further, improving security, browsing performance and prevent the sharing your browsing data.

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