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What Does a Data Scientist Do and Why Does Your Business Need One?

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What’s the point of having an ocean of data if there’s no one to analyze it and put it to good use?

Using data well can contribute to massive reductions in spending, increases in efficiency, and ideas for future business development. That means companies are chomping at the bit for talented data scientists.

But what does a data scientist do? We’re here to lay out the job of a data scientist for you to understand their value for businesses and the economy.

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

A data scientist, generally, is a person who can sift through numbers, information, and trends to identify relevant facts and insights about those things. That, of course, is extremely simplified.

Modern data scientists are something of a combination between mathematicians and computer scientists. They must understand modern trends in business and economics and what they mean for the future. Each industry is different, but it takes a trained, intuitive eye to look at raw data and turn it into practical business insights.

Data scientists also have to understand technology on a fairly deep level. While not all professionals in this field actually mine the information, they have to know how to navigate it.

This means understanding multiple interfaces with various kinds of information coming in and synthesizing that information to come to a conclusion.

There are a variety of roles available to data scientists, but here are a few of the most common ones:

1. Intelligence Analysts

An intelligence analyst takes data to look into what’s happening in a specific market and how that information can be used to benefit a specific business.

These people are invaluable because not many workers can take in so much information and make accurate predictions. As a result, intelligence analysts are in high demand.

2. Data Mining Engineers

Data mining engineers work on the back end of information, creating ways to synthesize and understandably present data.

These people work a lot with algorithms and software applications. The idea is to create technology that will keep up with the ever-growing base of information. Further, that technology needs to decipher that information and turn it into something useful.

3. Data Scientist

There is also the role of the general data scientist. As we’ve covered, this is a person that serves as a jack of all data trades. Uncovering, analyzing, interpreting, and predicting data are all in a day’s work.

This website can help you understand the work as you get into upper management.

Interested in Learning More?

Still asking, “what does a data scientist do?” There’s a lot more to the job, and each position will vary depending on the industry and company.

It’s important to have a good grasp of a profession before you look to hire someone to do the work or start working toward getting qualifications to become a professional. If you’re interested in learning more about potential data professions, visit our site.