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Print On Demand eCommerce Websites For Sale

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Do you want to get onto the print-on-demand game fast? Choose a business that’s already set up and you can skip the hassle of starting a new business and all the complications that come with it. Consider procuring these two unique print-on-demand e-commerce websites to kickstart your dreams of owning a business!

Print-on-demand is a low-risk business model that lets you print custom-branded products only after your customer has placed the order. This ensures that you’re not left with an excessive inventory to take care of or bear any upfront costs.

While there are businesses that print a wide selection of custom branded products, this business model also works well with a niche market. Buy a print-on-demand website that is already established to make maximum profits!

Get on the bandwagon through Exchangemarketplace which has two unique and already established e-commerce websites on sale for you – Hello South Korea and Craft’r.

So let’s explore them, shall we?

Hello South Korea offers a range of K-pop themed apparels and accessories which include tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, jewelry, hats, bags, badges, and phone cases. The website caters to the growing k-pop fandom offering popular k-pop bands and artists themed products.

The website has a Facebook fan page of 50,000 and an Instagram page of 17,000 followers and about 10,000 email subscribers.

The business has been making an average profit of $1500 per month with a 20% profit margin. It has been making an average revenue of $2090 per month with an average sales of 200 products per month. The website has an average of 7472 sessions per month. Additional costs to maintain the website and its advertising strategies include:

  • 29 USD/month for Shopify plan
  • 1 USD/month for the domain name
  • 60 USD/month for the apps
  • 1300 USD/month on advertising

Hello South Korea has seen an average stable revenue growth since July 2018

Hello South Korea gained a total revenue of $31,346 since its inception. The owner has achieved a good amount of sales with only 1-3 facebook campaigns at a time. With some extra time and attention given towards social media campaigns alone, the website has a potential of earning $1000 – $3000 per day.

E-commerce website Hello South Korea is available for $25,000 on exchangmarketplace. The sale includes a physical inventory, logo and branding assets, domain, product photos, supplier contacts, mailing list, social media handles, and personal support of the owner for up to 30 days.

According to the owner, Hello South Korea has a regular customer base of 77,000 from all channels. A commitment of approximately 15 hours/week would be required to optimally run this business. The website receives an average of 2,566 sessions/month.

Buy this print-on-demand website and jump into the business world getting a headstart!


Craft’r deals with home-brewing equipment and print-on-demand customized cups, apparel, and beer decor. The owners have worked on branding and advertising their website to a large extent with a huge collection of marketing material like apparel, graphics, professional photos and paid social media campaigns.

Craft’r has been witnessing an average revenue of $6,281/per month making an average of 131 sales/month. The company has been making an average profit of $1,700/month with a 17% profit margin. Monthly additional expenses that would come with buying this website include:

  • $99 for Shopify plan
  • $30 for inventory warehouse
  • $1.25 for domain name
  • $150 for apps and software
  • $1500 for Google and Facebook ads to drive traffic to the website

The company has gained a total revenue of $201,006 since its inception in 2016. With a niche market readily available, it has managed to gain a total of 14,000 followers on social media. The growing e-commerce business, Craft’r, is now up for sale for a total of $34,900 on Echangemarketplace. The purchase of this e-commerce business would come with logo and branding assets, domain name, mailing list, product photos, supplier contacts and, social media handles.

With craft beer taking the industry by a storm, this is the best time for you to get into this business, especially if you have a passion for homebrewing.

These two unique print-on-demand businesses are worth exploring, with both capitalizing in popular trends that have hit the market. Both these e-commerce websites offer products to a niche market that’s readily available and are constantly looking to buy these specific products.

With some effort, time and attention these e-commerce businesses can reach their full potential giving you maximum returns and profits!