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5 Proven Practices Every Taxi Business Should Follow

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Would you like to know how you can grow your business, engage and retain customers? Here are five tips that will set you apart from your competition.

Only Hire Professional Drivers

The main goal of any taxi service should be to provide the highest quality service possible. All staff represent the firm, so they need to be pleasant and friendly, and problem solve. Remember the service starts from the initial contact, which may be by phone or a mobile app. Make sure your systems are fully functioning, and your team are alerted to any issues that may delay bookings and drivers turning up to the right pick up location.

Your firm’s vehicles need to be modern and clean. Ideally, they will be either electric or hybrids which use electric and petrol. Most users of ridesharing and taxi services are concerned with environmentally friendly practices, and if your competitors have electric vehicles, you need them too.

While there is a saying: don’t judge a book by it’s cover – we all do so your drivers must be presentable and professional. They are working in a competitive industry and therefore must look and act the part to get great reviews. Most taxi business now uses a mobile app that asks the passenger to review the ride, and this action alone can make or break for a business.

Encouraging your clients to provide feedback on the quality of their experience will ensure you only keep the best drivers. Still, your business will attract more custom as word gets out among friends and on social media.

Improve Communication

A common complaint among those who use taxi services regularly is the promise that a taxi is going to arrive in just a couple of minutes when, in reality, it takes much longer. If communication can be improved between operators and drivers, your customers can be kept informed and advised when there is going to be a delay. Problems with traffic are understandable as long as your customers know what is happening.

Market Your Business Efficiently

In today’s technological world, the best way to market your business is online. A considerable number of people are going to use their favourite search engine when they want a taxi service. Therefore, it’s going to work in your favour if your business pops up in their search. That doesn’t mean you should forget about promoting your taxi business locally.

Speak to local hotel, club and bar owners and see if they’d be interested in making a deal. Have some business cards printed and leave them in these locations.

Every business needs digital marketing, and thankfully there are many strategies available. Not all marketing attracts a fee either, for example, you can write blog posts on your blog and guest blogging on other sites. Even the most boring business can find interesting topics to write on.

For a taxi business sharing tips on travel, and the attractions in the region your company operates in is a great fit. The relevancy will attract visitors to your website to read the article. Plus you can use your social media profiles to boost the reads of your blog posts.

Your mobile app can also have links to your blogs and social media profiles for your passengers to enjoy on their journey or while they’re waiting for their taxi to collect them.


The reputation of your taxi business will be driven by the service it provides from the quality of your vehicle fleet and customer service. Starting from the initial contact through to the drop-off and the request for feedback. Staying relevant and in touch with your blog, postings on social media and maybe also email marketing will keep your business front and centre with your intended audience.

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