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4 ways sales automation improves efficiency through data visibility

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Sales automation software delivers a huge amount of data for B2B organizations to analyze. When provided with this information, field sales reps can make informed and educated sales decisions as well as providing beneficial advice to your customers.

Due to the large increase in CPG brands and wholesalers using sales automation tools, managers and CEO’s have more data available to them than ever before and many rely on this new wealth of data to help their sales teams thrive.

Let’s look at how…

1.      Focus on the right sales activities

The best sales reps know that to increase revenue they must focus on adding value, by prioritizing the right opportunities with the right products, at the right time. How do they do this? Using a sales automation tool such as mobile CRM allows them access to relevant information telling them exactly who to visit.

Sales tools such as a sales order app automates sales tasks providing more time to meet high value clients face-to-face and more.

In addition, automating data entry reduces inefficiency and errors and real-time visibility helps companies identify problems and risks early so they can address them before they erupt into major and expensive crises.

2.      Customer experience is the top sales benchmark

The B2B buyer has changed beyond recognition. Millennial customers are sophisticated and knowledgeable about the product they want by doing their own online research before they even meet a sales rep.

Because of their familiarity with advanced B2C sales cycles, they want and expect smarter and smoother B2B sales experiences, and they want sales reps that act more like personal consultants to address their individual challenges and solve them.

Although the priority for sales reps is closing the deal, the most successful ones also know that it’s vital to maintain long-term customers through memorable purchasing experiences.

Sales automation helps by providing a 360˚ view and personalized picture of every customer to ensure they are each provided with the experience they expect.

3.      Collaboration between departments

To provide an excellent customer experience also requires cross-collaboration between all departments. It’s no good providing a seamless order-taking experience, only for the wrong delivery to turn up.  Sales software provides the platform for all your sales tools providing complete visibility into the customer journey.

With consistent data, everyone can be responsible, respond quicker and more effectively and work together when disruptions occur.

It’s no longer acceptable for different departments to operate in siloes, a B2B sales platform will connect, sync data in real-time, improving efficiency and speeding up your entire sales workflow.


Sales software has multiple benefits especially when it comes to providing a large amount of data to increase sales.  Adaptation is important, but sales teams need not fear. To build relationships, they will always be needed to be in front of the customer, understanding their needs and more.