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3 SEO Tips for Your Company’s Website

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Search engine optimization is a long-term and sometimes complex process that leaves many business owners scratching their heads. And for smaller business owners, who do not possess the budget to employ a team of SEO experts, the fight for online visibility can seem like an uphill battle.

However, the three tips explained below in the article are both easy to understand and sure to produce tangible results.

Keyword Research

As a business owner, you are familiar with the common terms used to describe products and services in your industry. However, it is important to understand your customers may use a different set of words in reference to your business offerings.

Keyword research will provide you with insight into how customers search for the products and services they need. You will also have a good idea of which products and services are in high demand.

A good keyword planning tool will score keywords in a way that makes it clear which words and phrases you should target. The most well-known keyword planning tool is provided by Google and is free to use. Other tools, both free and paid, are also available to complete this vital task.

Building Links

Link building is an SEO strategy many small business owners believe to be more complicated than it is. Link building involves techniques to encourage other websites to link to your site. When done correctly, this SEO method will increase the authority rating for your website and gain customer referrals.

Google places heavy emphasis on links when ranking web pages. The search engine views a link to your website as a vote of confidence. The links to your website should come from diverse sources. Some ways to get these links are:

  • Get bloggers to feature your website
  • Register for website directories
  • Get people to share your website on social media
  • Get reviews on notable review sites
  • Leave comments on blogs and other sites
  • Establish relationships with local organizations

These methods, as well as other link building resources, will pay huge benefits over time if a steady effort is maintained.

Do Not Forget Internal Links

Internal links do not possess the same value as external links but are still vital to overall SEO success. You should link content on your site that is related to build a structured collection of links on your website. The ultimate goal is to build clusters of pages that link to each other based on subject matter.

It is important to make sure linked pages are directly related. For example, a blog post on your website can be linked to a previous article on your site that provides additional information on the subject. The hyperlink should be placed in a relevant phrase in the new blog.

Internal links will make search engines better able to understand your website’s hierarchy of pages. Google and other search engines will also gain better insight into the subject matter displayed on your site.

Many business owners are discouraged by the complex nature of search engine optimization. While the process can become quite involved, there are simple and actionable steps that can be accomplished by any business owner willing to put in the work. The three SEO tips above will provide a great start to the business owner looking to improve the SEO performance of their website.