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Is Injection Molding Right For Your Scaling Business?

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Scaling a business is challenging but still a significant problem to have. Many small business owners dream of the day to scale up their business due to increased consumer demand.

However, profits first come with scaling costs. For manufacturers of projects, finding the right equipment to maximize ROI on scaling is vital. According to Inc., “The reason isn’t some inherent difficulty with the basic ROI formula. It’s a straightforward calculation. But even when you’re talking about large companies, determining value can be tricky.”

This is why it is crucial to consider injection molding for your products. Is injection molding suitable for your scaling business? The following can serve as your definitive guide to injection molding. Let’s dive in!

What Is Injection Molding Exactly?

Injection molding allows businesses that manufacture products to do just that at a very high production rate. For instance, injection molding can help a manufacturer scale produce tens to hundreds of thousands of products in the most efficient processes possible.

Injection molding is a mass-production technology. More commonly used in producing plastic parts for products or products as a whole, injection molding may be perfect for scaling businesses that need to meet much higher demand from customers.

Understanding Injection Molding For Scaling Business Owners

As mentioned above, injection molding helps scaling businesses produce products in very large quantities. This is one of the biggest advantages injection molding serves up. However, injection molding processes can be quite costly when setting up. This is a major consideration for businesses needing to scale.

The good news is that there are ways to purchase equipment on the cheap, like looking for used injection molding machines online or through specialized used machining equipment companies. But be sure that scaling is essential to growing your business before making a significant equipment investment.

Once set up, your injection molding equipment ROI goes up significantly, mainly if you regularly produce tens of thousands of products. There are also a number of other advantages. For instance, reducing scrap from production processes.

How Injection Molding Decreases Scrap Rates

One of the most traditional manufacturing processes is CNC machining, or Computer Numerical Control production. During CNC machining and product manufacturing, large amounts of scrap is cut away from plastic blocks and metal sheets.

Injection molding, of course, reduces this scrap a lot. A few main parts of the manufacturing process are associated with injection molding that scrap is mainly produced. These parts include, gate locations, sprue, overflow material, and runners.

  • Gate Scrap: The gate location in the injection molding process are typically found after the runners. They often accumulate scrap after molding.
  • Sprue Scrap: The sprue is the area of the mold that lead the hot liquid plastic into the actual injection molding machine. Leftover liquid is often found here.
  • Runner Scrap: The runner is a channel that directs the hot plastic liquid from the sprue into the actual product mold itself. This and the overflow areas have plastic leftover often after a mold is completed.

The scrap, however, can be reused after the injection molding process. This can be done immediately from the manufacturing plant floor. This is very important to scaling businesses, since material can be costly. This recycled material is known as the re-grind. This is a very beneficial aspect of the molding machine manufacturing process.

Injection Molding Keeps Brand/Product Control A Priority

Another significant benefit of injection molding for businesses needing to scale up operations and production is controlling the brand and products manufactured. Since injection molding is done using a mold, the products and parts made will be identical.

Parts made via injection molding include housings, handles, joints, brackets, and more. For instance, this manufacturing process can be perfect for plastic toys and tools that need precise housing molds made one after the other in the tens of thousands.

In Conclusion . . .

There are certainly a lot of benefits associated with injection molding for businesses needing to scale manufacturing on a macro level. For instance, the injection molding process may also be more efficient than traditional machining processes, like CNC machining.

There are also other ways to create products at a higher scale, like 3D printing. However, the cost-effectiveness of injection processes may be far more affordable for businesses looking to scale but also stay within the budget. Maximize ROI when scaling and make production simple and streamlined for more profits! How can injection molding catalyze your production?