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How UK SMEs Plan To Grow Post-Brexit


Brexit is coming ever-closer and its impact on the economy in the UK is still uncertain. However, that doesn’t mean that companies are just sitting idle waiting to see what will happen. In fact, it’s actually quite the contrary.

Small businesses understand that Brexit can be an opportunity to grow, but it does require you to push forward and focus on actually expanding your business despite the difficult conditions that could come as a result of Brexit.

It’s difficult to say how exactly it will impact businesses, especially smaller ones, but the focal point is to strive to grow and not just survive.

In this article, we’ll explore a couple of ways that small businesses can grow their operation using a more aggressive approach instead of just focusing on staying afloat.

Recruiting Skilled Domestic Workers

With employment potentially suffering once Brexit is in effect, it’s vital to start looking for skilled domestic workers from the United Kingdom. There’s a lot of fearmongering when it comes to the perceived talent crisis, but it goes without saying that nurturing talent will become an even more important concern for businesses.

You can’t just hire a skilled worker and expect cheap and efficient results anymore – you’re going to need to train talented individuals in the workplace and focus on growing their experience and skills as part of your business.

This is why it’s important to start looking for homegrown talent and not seek overseas employees. Growth opportunities will always exist for businesses that focus on not just hiring the more talented individuals in the industry, but nurturing them and teaching them lifelong skills in order to grow your company’s culture and provide support.

International Markets

One big strategy for small businesses in the UK to grow is to take part in international markets. Many small companies have been enjoying overseas business, but with Brexit’s impending date, SMEs have even more incentive to move their business model to the international level and focus on digital considerations such as their online presence, social media and overall ability to export goods to different countries.

It’s more important than ever that companies should focus on offering their goods and services to a global market. There are countless opportunities for growth in the digital realm and being able to open up your business to a wider audience means more potential to take advantage of the UK’s undervalued currency.

Attempting to reach an international audience is a fantastic way to secure more cash flow, expose your brand to a larger audience and also guarantee business by reaching into different markets.


Although Brexit may be a scary time for SMEs in the United Kingdom, it’s vital that small companies plan around Brexit and look for ways to grow their business despite the challenging conditions they may face. By nurturing homegrown talent and focusing on growing your digital presence, it’s possible to not just survive, but flourish and grow your company during this era of Brexit.

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