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Use Interactive Widgets on Your Website to Reduce Bounce Rate

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In this age and day of advanced technology, most consumers rely on the internet when they need to get a particular product, service or new information. However, today’s internet users are experienced and can easily notice a site that won’t give them the solutions they’re seeking from miles away. Most of them simply hit the backspace button and proceed to the next available website on the search engine results. For this reason, as a blog or website owner, it is important to know how to make your blog or websites visitor-friendly while still keeping it more effective and informative. The rate at which this happens is what is referred to as ‘bounce rate’. And needless to mention, a high bounce rate corresponds to how much you’re losing in terms of customer recruitment and sales.

But there’s always a way out of this challenge, and using interactive widgets on your website is one of them. Depending on what your site or blog is all about, there are a number of widgets you can add to your blog. All the same, one thing is for sure… whether you’re running an online shop, a professional services website or a blog that you so badly need to promote, it is important to use interactive widgets on your website to reduce bounce rate.

But what are some of the most essential widgets and how can they reduce your bounce rate?

Use Social Media Widgets

In this age and day, almost more than half of the world’s adult population is on social media. Placing social media buttons allows your users to interact with your business and amongst each other on social media. It also adds confidence to your first-time visitors that they’re dealing with a reliable business they can trust. This improved interactivity will make your website visitor-friendly, so don’t forget to drop floating buttons on your website for popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, just to name a few.

Consider Community Building Widgets

In addition to including a section for reviews, testimonials, and comments on your website, there are lots of community building widgets that you can use to improve your website’s interactiveness. These include widgets such as Disqus and Google Friend Connect, which allow your visitors to find each other, discuss their mutual interests, and interact with each other like a discussion forum of sorts.

Add a Search Widget

Especially when running an online retail store or a blog with a huge content volume, including a section where visitors can search for ABCD is important. This involves adding a search widget (search field) at the top of your web pages or the sidebar to make it easy for users and first-time visitors to search and locate content within the least time possible.

Other Useful Widgets

As pointed out earlier, there are so many kinds of widgets to talk about, most of which are equally important as far as reducing bounce rates for your website is concerned. Other useful widgets you may want to consider include the following:

  • Content Sharing Widgets – They allow users to share your site’s content, which is good for marketing.
  • Subscription Widgets -These include RSS and email subscription widgets.
  • Tracking Widgets – These includes tools such as Alexa, Google Analytics, and Page Rank Checker widgets, which give you overview statistics about your site’s performance online.

Currency Converter Widgets

Especially when running an online retail business that operates regionally or globally, a currency converter widget can be an incredibly useful tool in increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates. Many internet users spend tons of time seeking online currency converters. Why not do the honors to your website users and save them the trouble with a customizable exchange rates widget.

Interactive widgets are effective in increasing engagement as well as the amount of time your target consumers spend online. Using the most relevant for your business can be a sure way to increase engagement, reduce the bounce rates and improve your sales conversions.

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