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Three Things To Know About Cloud Computing Software For Today’s Business World

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Take a step back in time to the 1960’s, where MIT professor and computer scientist John McCarthy, one of the fathers of Artificial Intelligence, predicted computing may someday be a utility like the telephone, and it’s users would pay for the data they use, but have the resources to create their own systems.

If you think about it, Professor McCarthy predicted the advent of cloud computing software, which can be found in a majority of connected devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Since 1996, the “Cloud” has grown from a theoretical construct to a part of day to day life. This leaves a sense of wonder on how the cloud will evolve in the near future, which today, we are going to discuss the future of the cloud and how it will be beneficial to all.

Here are three basic things you should know about cloud computing software for today’s business world:

1 – Cloud Computing Provides Businesses With A Safe Work Environment

Containers enable software developers to program individual codes and distribute applications and configurations into a single digital container, which cloud service providers enable individual businesses a safe and optimized environment to work.

This allows almost limitless possibilities and scalabilities to users. For example, a company now can accept payments instantly from anywhere in the world.

This is possible due the integration of cloud computing software and online money transfer services. Services such as these are also available to peer-to-peer lending, so economically speaking, we are in a new era.

2 – Computer Systems Are Interchangeable

Since the cloud is a virtual platform, computer systems are interchangeable in the since that consumers now can pick and choose specific parts and applications which provide computation power, streamlined communications systems, and greater proprietary off-site data storage options.

These systems are user friendly and cheaper than the common computer infrastructure of the recent past, due to the fact businesses no longer need to maintain expensive in-house computer servers and administrative staff.

3 – Cloud Computing Can Help Keep Sensitive Information Secured

With the common reoccurrence of cyber attacks and data breaches, information security is a major concern of governments, businesses, and individuals alike.

Fear has lead to some tactical developmental errors, considering this fear has prompted nations and companies to attempt to develop their own private cloud networks.

Theoretically speaking, it makes sense, but these poorly-built systems are often subpar to major cloud service providers in terms of information security and infrastructure, which has led to a migration back to larger cloud providers.

Cloud Computing Today

Like most technological innovations, cloud based computing has already made life a little easier, businesses more efficient and streamlined, and government data more secure and accessible.

This trend isn’t slowing down, more and more people and companies are converting to virtual computing vs. analog servers and software.

Imagine being able to access any computer system in your network with a smartphone or a laptop anywhere in the world, well that’s a distinct possibility now.

Thank you for taking time from your day to check out our article and educate yourself on cloud computing, it’s safe to say things aren’t going to change and the future has some interesting technological advances in store.

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