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Reinventing B2B Commerce Solutions: Why Customised Platforms are King

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The concept of B2B commerce can often represent somewhat of a dry term. Most professionals associate such transactions with ROI, exposure, financial reporting, and regulatory compliance.

While there is no doubt that all of these parameters are very important, we are forgetting one of the most critical factors associated with success during any transaction: a targeted and user-friendly experience.

No longer are B2B sales concerned with the “broader strokes” alone. They now require a level of finesse that is difficult to achieve when employing traditional (and outdated) methods.

Let us look at this equation from both sides of the proverbial coin in order to fully appreciate why customisation is king.

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The Perspective of the Client

Any sales transaction should begin and end with the client. The B2B community is certainly no different. It is actually interesting to note that one of the most pivotal factors associated with closing a deal involves the perceived rapport between both parties.

How does this translate into the digital world of e-commerce? Dynamic and targeted solutions will provide personalised and targeted results. Some of the hallmarks of a superior hosting platform include:

  • Higher levels of client retention.
  • Customised navigation capabilities.
  • More than 100 different payment gateways.
  • A focus upon the organic experience of every customer.

Clients who feel that their needs are being proactively catered to are much more likely to commit to a large purchase. This is one of the best ways to establish trust within the digital domain.

In-House Clarity and Efficiency

It is just as important to take into account how the seller leverages the power of a B2B ecommerce platform. Of course, not all are created equally and some of the best on the market are able to offer agile solutions within seconds. They should also be able to adapt to the decidedly frenetic world of business-to-business transactions. This includes potentialities such as larger orders, bulk shipments and around-the-clock responsiveness.

In the very same respect, the seller needs to be able to provide the buyer with numerous ways to track orders and invoices. This demonstrates two enviable qualities:

  • The seller is making it a point to accommodate the needs of the buyer.
  • The buyer can remain confident that he or she is in good hands in the event of a question or an issue.

The second benefit is pivotal, as it will be able to foster brand loyalty over time; increasing the chances of additional purchases.

It just so happens that Shopify Plus has gone to great lengths in order to provide these and many other B2B tools. As the platforms are scalable and there are numerous pricing plans, a growing number of SMEs have migrated to these solutions in recent times.

The online B2B sales community is growing at a breakneck pace. Organisations that hope to remain ahead of the digital curve should be satisfied with nothing less than the best e-commerce platforms. In this respect, there are few points for second place.

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