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5 Desk Organization Tips to Help Get Your Home Business Started

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Your command center is where your day begins and ends. When you sit down at your desk, especially when you work from home, the work should start.

But with so many distractions, starting a home business can be tough, especially if you have to be your own motivation.

Having an organized desk makes you more productive and your day easier. You’ll get more done if your desk is ready for the work to begin.

Here are 5 desk organization tips to get your new business off on the right foot.

1. Have Some Blank Space

The easiest tip for how to organize your desk at work is to keep some blank space. Clear enough space that there is a spot to set down some papers if you need to write, or room for something you need to read or review.

It’s not difficult if you organize papers with folders and put the folders away. Cut clutter by keeping out only the office supplies you use most often.

Spend a few minutes putting papers and other items away before you leave for the day and first thing in the morning. Re-create the blank space so you spend most of your time actually working.

2. Use The Right Tools

You’ll be more productive if you don’t have to hunt down tools before you start. Stock the right office supplies (highlighter, pencil, pens with different ink colors, scale for weighing mail, stapler, etc.) in easy-to-reach places to keep your workflow seamless.

Use helpful office tools like Winc stationery or a quality wireless mouse. You’ll savor high-grade items, and nicer gadgets give you the incentive to keep things neat.

3. Drawer or Stand For Hiding Distractions

If you have a stand for your phone or tablet, you’ll stop spending too much time on social media advertising for your new company. While Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are important to get the word out about your business, they can also be your biggest time suckers.

For prime work desk organization, keep devices in a drawer. You can still hear if they go off, but you won’t see all the notifications popping up to draw your attention away from the task at hand.

4. Use Inboxes

Paper can be the most discouraging thing on your desk. It’s so thin that going through piles takes forever, and it requires a lot of decisions. Using inboxes means that immediate-action papers are in sight.

One of the best office organization ideas is having several inboxes to rank tasks. If you can see that one inbox is full, you’ll know that the project needs more time allotted.

Focus on ongoing education or other business-building objectives instead or sorting papers. Your business will thank you.

5. Best Tip for Desk Organization

Optimize placement of equipment to make working easier. Which hand do you answer the phone with? Keep the phone on that side of your desk so you don’t have to reach across your body.

Your computer monitor should be at arms-length, and at the same level as your eyes. Being comfortable helps you work smarter and longer.

Make It Easy On Yourself

Starting a business comes with more work than you ever expect, so don’t make your desk a source of extra work, too.

Have some blank space, use the right tools, store your phone, use inboxes, and optimize equipment placement. These are the first steps to making your workday fluid.

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