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Vanity Numbers for Marketing Your Business

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Using a vanity number is one of the oldest marketing techniques for business owners. Vanity phone numbers are essentially phone numbers that are repetitive or easy to remember. These numbers are often toll-free and the numbers can be used to form words.

Pizza restaurants, for example, can use a phone number like 1-800-PIZZA to ensure that it’s easy to remember and relates to the business. The number would then be entered as 1-800-74992 after it is spelt out on a phone.

Vanity numbers are also numbers that are considered repetitive. Using a phone number that ends in the same numbers; for example, -5555 would be considered a vanity number.

Why Are They Called Vanity Numbers?

The word vanity is associated with aesthetics. Because of this, we can observe that vanity numbers are named that way because of the way they look. Whatever vanity phone number you choose, it should say something about your business.

By simply looking at the phone number, customers are able to determine something about a business. When one sees the word “PIZZA” in a phone number, he or she will assume that the business is involved with pizza.

How Do They Affect Marketing?

Marketing is one of the best tools that a business owner has at his or her disposal and, more often than not, it affects the customer on a subconscious level. This marketing should be seamless; meaning, customers should not be aware that you’re using marketing techniques.

By using vanity phone numbers, business owners can make it easier for customers to remember these numbers. Using vanity numbers creates easier communication with customers because they will not have to scour the internet for business numbers as often; instead, they’ll likely remember it. When customers have to look too long for a phone number, they may give up completely and decide not to contact the business in question. Every time this happens, a business loses a customer and money.

A technique that many business owners use is that they match the phone number to a piece of audio. This is done through the radio or television commercials. When the phone number of a business is announced to the audience, a specific sound or song is played in the background. This way, when the song becomes stuck in one’s head, the business associated with it will come to mind.


Vanity phone numbers are one of the many components of marketing in business. They allow customers to create unique phone numbers that are personalized to say something about a business’s brand. Vanity phone numbers affect customers on a subconscious level; meaning, they likely do not realize that the number is affecting their shopping habits.

By using these phone numbers, business owners have the opportunity to shorten the time it takes for customers to call their business; thereby, generating revenue more quickly.