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Smart Ways to Reduce Packaging Expenses


Selling products online has many advantages over the traditional walk in store, except for one – how to get the product to the customer. For most walk in stores the customers chose, buy and take their purchase with them, so there’s no need to deliver it. Online shopping requires the business to deliver the product to the customer and it must be a seamless process that’s trackable and the it arrives in perfect condition.

So how do these businesses deal with the challenges of delivery?

Online shoppers are not always local too so the product will often go by sea or air. If you sell products that are fragile, contain chemicals, or are prone to spilling, this is surely an added complication and cost, so here are some tips from shrink sleeves manufacturers Flexo Impressions.

Shrink Wrapping

Taking the air out with shrink wrap systems and machines saves on space and increases the shelf life of products. Saving space saves on packaging costs and products that were typically bottled can now be packaged in shrink sleeves reducing the likelihood of leakage or breakage.

The shrink wrap solution has been technology disruptive in a very positive way and it’s allowed businesses to be more innovative including the pervasive ready made meals market.

Use Recycled Materials

Newspapers, scrap paper, and other recycled materials make for great cushioning and can offset your carbon footprint. Also use recycled packaging ideally made from a sustainable business. Yes it takes more time, locating your suppliers however think of the marketing opportunity for your business and how it can stand out amongst it’s peers.

Some of the materials you use will be cheaper, others not but the discerning customer will choose your business and thus there’s the opportunity to make more sales.

Products Prepared Shipping Before Purchase

Products ready for shipping before they’ve been purchased will save you time and money. Depending on the kinds of products you sell, you might be able to have your products already packaged and packed before you get the actual orders.

Customer expectations are very different today and viewing an image of a product is enough to make a purchase. Even if your company only sells one kind of beauty product and you mainly cater to individual clients, you can have as many as a hundred orders shrink wrapped and prepared, just waiting for you to slap a label on the box. Of course your method may differ if you cater to both individuals and large-scale clients, but at least you can be ready with pallets secured and wrapped in plastic, and individual orders neatly lined up and ready for immediate delivery.

Have a Relationship with a Mail Service

Want to keep shipping-related business expenses as low as possible? Maybe you should establish a relationship with a preferred mailing service. For instance, companies like FedEx will come to your place of business on a daily basis to take all orders to their destination. This saves you from having to drive, and it also helps you to give your customers accurate arrival date estimates.

With the United States Postal Service, businesses can even go as far as choosing the time that shipments are picked up each day.

Delivery logistics including packaging doesn’t need to be a huge challenge or expense. Hone your system to find cost-cutting shortcuts, and remember nothing stays the same so always be on the look out for innovative solutions that make your job easier, and gives your business kudos. Working with social enterprises for example may be the way to go to forge closer relationships with your customers. Plus share your experiences on your blog, including how you’re improving the business with innovation to provide a better product or service for your customers.

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