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How To Master The Internet


When we first visit the internet we are met with a whole world of information, technology and a hell of a lot of adverts. Navigating this endless world wide web can be a minefield and even for millennials who make a living off the online world, there are always tips and tricks which we might not see at first glance.

Today we are going to take a look at the world of computers and see if we can spot some of the ways to make it easier to navigate.

1. Log out of Facebook remotely

If you have ever either logged into Facebook on someone else’s device or in a public place, you will always dread the idea that you might have left it open for people to come and snoop or write a status for you while you are away.

Luckily, if you do ever get caught in this situation you can actually log out of a device remotely, meaning you don’t need to worry anymore. For example, you can use the settings in the right-hand corner and then click security, this will give you an option to see ‘when you’re logged in’. If you go to this you will be able to close any open Facebook session on any device without even being there.

2. Searching lyrics on Google

Isn’t it so annoying when you remember part of a song lyric and you can’t work out who sung it? The main issue you might have is if you only know a few of the words from the chorus and there are some missing. It can be hard for you to search a phrase such as

‘_ you have defeated me, – war….’

When the song you are looking for is this:

‘Waterloo, you have defeated me, won the war’

When you are missing words from a sentence it can be hard to search it online, but with Google, you can still do it.

Simply place an asteroid where you think a word is missing in your sentence and Google will know to search for instances where there are these words with one or more words in between. It can help you settle the who sung it argument once and for all.

3. Twitter soft block

When it comes to social media there will always be pitfalls and traps we fall into an issue we will face as an online user.

Every part of our lives are on social media these days and it can mean that we get news from people that we don’t want to see, but a lot of a time we don’t want to be rude and unfollow that person.

To stop seeing someone’s tweets or Facebook posts you can actually unfollow their posts meaning your remain friends but you don’t have to see what they are up to, but what if it’s the other way around?

Imagine you start working somewhere and your boss follows you on Twitter. The last thing you want them to see is all of your drunk pictures and random tweets at 3 am in the morning.

Twitter has a soft block system which allows you to block them from seeing your posts without blocking them from your account. It means you don’t have to worry about them seeing your hangover posts anymore because you’re private!

4. Incognito

If you are going on the web and you want what you are looking at to stay private- like buying a gift for your loved one- then you need to use incognito.

Incognito browsing is a new window you can open when on your browser which allows you to do whatever you want on the PC without anyone being able to see it afterward. It is a huge help for you if you need to do something without anyone else knowing and it allows you the freedom to browse wherever you like without being questioned about it later on.

5. Mute emails

Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to concentrate at work and an email thread containing several people keeps going off in the corner of your screen?

Well, there is nothing more annoying than being part of a conversation you aren’t part of and it can be really distracting when you are in the middle of something important. It’s a good job that these annoying email threads can be muted so you can carry on your day without that window popping up every two minutes.

Silly go to your home tab and press either mute or ignore depending on the program you are using.

6. Use emojis on the PC

One of the downfalls of working on the computer instead of your phone or tablet is the fact that you can’t use emojis at the end of your sentences. Most of us will use those copy and paste emoji websites for our communication online but this can be a pain and it is annoying to spend the extra time trying to use these emojis.

The good thing is that there is, in fact, a way for you to get your emojis into your keyboard to use on Facebook or Twitter.

Simply open a text field and then press taskbar, toolbar, touch keyboard, smiley face. For Mac simply hold command and space together to bring up the option. You can now use emojis to your heart’s content!

7. Gchat

GChat is often used in the office for people to talk to each other and it can be a great course of office banter when you are having a bit of a stressful day. But did you know you can also make your own little animations to add and send to the group when on GChat?

You can amuse yourself for a little while during the day and make a funny animation to get the whole office laughing and it will make the atmosphere in work so much better immediately.

8. Play YouTube in slow motion

It might never have occurred to you to try this before, but there is a legitimate way for you to play a video in slow-mo if you want to on youtube. This can be particularly handy for those short clips which involve funny dogs or cats which you could blink and miss on the first watch.

To be able to play a video in slow motion you just need to play the video and hold down the spacebar and the video will slow down for you. It can be a great way to grab a screenshot of a recipe or a workout before it flicks off the screen.

9. Twitter shortcut

If you want to make your Twitter experience that much more exciting and easier to handle, you can always use shortcuts to favorite a tweet or to open up a new tweet when you have a bright idea which just has to be shared with the world. Press n to open a new tweet, and f to favorite one immediately. There are also loads of other shortcuts but you can find those online to use.

10. Cold turkey

If you know you always get too distracted by Facebook or YouTube when you should be doing other things online, make sure that you use a tool called cold turkey. This is basically a tool which will forbid you from visiting distracting sites and will instead point you towards sites you are supposed to be on.

11. Get noticed

If you are a small brand or business and you want to be noticed, Google Ads can be a handy tool to get your name out there on the search engine for the world to see. Simply write an ad, add keywords and set locations to be visible on the top of the search results to people all over.